How to conceal dark circle #2

As you could see in the opus #1, you don’t apply concealer by pressing – usually, everything complexion related is not the easiest part of makeup.

Even if on this blog, we often say the same old thing:

- “There is no rule in makeup, be creative”

Let’s still keep in mind ➼ choosing the wrong foundation and concealer can literally kill a makeup and turn off the beauty.

We saw in the opus #1, how to prep your skin and chose the texture and shade of your concealer. Now you’re going to be able to do the job, on some clean skin and with the right tools.

makemybeauty-avant  makemybeauty-apres

Before                                                                                                                              After


On properly moisturized skin, put some concealer sparingly, on the dark, colored part of the circle.

It’s better to repeat if necessary than putting a lot under the eye straight away. Be careful, you want to cover all the dark zones, especially the inner corner of the eye that is easily forgotten and dramatically makes you look tired.



Then, you need to skillfully spread the product, making sure you keep enough material to cover the shadow areas and by subtly layering the rest.

With a concealing brush, slide the product on your skin.

We love :

♡ Concealer brush  n°57 Sephora

♡ Cream shader n°233 Zoeva

♡ Double fiber brush n°287 Mac

♡ Cream blending brush n°12 Nars



In order to get a very natural finish, blend the concealer onto the skin using a beauty blender and/or using a finger.

Be careful to be gentle with your finger or sponge so you don’t move the concealer and ruin all the work you’ve previously done.

Ah! Yes some important detail:

Concealer needs to be applied after foundation so you don’t move it, or even remove it.

anti-cernes  - makemybeauty  makemybeauty - beauty blender

Unless you have a note, you can’t ignore powdering, it’s going to fix, mattify and delete any shadow areas.

I’m already hearing you scream behind your screens:

-“Whaaaaat, I need to apply powder on my concealer????”

Except for people with “over dry” patches around the eye or for these who use very dry concealer (which I don’t recommend), it is necessary to apply powder, or everything will be gone within an hour.

As always, you need to have a light and subtle hand for a smooth effect without color effects… With the right tools and the right moves: fingers in the nose.

Take a small amount of powder with a brush and press it onto the concealer, without scrubbing to prevent it from moving.

We love, and it’s even one of our must-haves:

Secret brightening powder from Laura Mercier, specially designed for shadow areas, including circles and nasolabial parts. It is ultra-light, it doesn’t move towards wrinkles or fine lines, it reflects light and thus paralyzes shadows. In fact, we have often talked to you about it here.

For the brush:

♡ n°227, pinceau duveteux  Mac

♡ n°244, Straight  Makeup for Ever

♡ n°41 diffusing brush, Nars

♡ n°21, all over shadow Sephora


Unless you’re 15, you don’t forget to apply some concealer on the outer corner of the eye, where there is some disgraceful shadow and/or redness that make you look tired and older.

It gives a droopy eyelid some freshness and/or lifting effect.

Same thing goes to the nasolabial parts with optical effect- concealer brings light that makes us believe that nasty furrow is less deep. Just like a circle, you apply, you blur, you apply powder.

_mg_6582  _mg_6599

To plump your lips, bounce your Cupid’s bow, highlight a lipstick, you need to apply some concealer around there by putting it on the outer corners.

Again, with optical effect, your lips will look fleshier.


Here you are, girls, I tried to be as clear as I could - however if you’re still confused, I’m here to answer all your questions.

Practice, practice and practice again that is the secret to be a Beauty Queen!!!

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