Special complexion #3 Tinted moisturizer and plus

I was thinking about starting this article by justifying my absence and explaining how hard it was right now to come here and talking on this blog about my beautiful beauty ideas. Because moving out the studio, because tons of work that take all my time, because my Dear Alexandra is not often available, and especially because I’ve had enough and I need to go on holiday ASAP. And then, once again, the news has been terrible and the cursor of my wailing has been hit hard, we’re once again all flabbergasted, hurt and confused!!! It gets more and more difficult to convince ourselves that life is beautiful, and not let ourselves think about disgusting things, to keep raising our children with respect and love for one another. We are once again scared, scared to see my little guy grow up, our kids in this chaos. We seriously have to learn how to live while waiting for another bloodshed to happen, just like the Israeli, and keep hoping that we will end up killing them all, like we did with the Nazis… In the meantime, let’s all be fraternal and also let’s turn our TV off because it’s just queasy out there. Despite this, we’ll try to stay happy and optimistic in this space, and we’ll keep talking about creams that make your skin beautiful with goodness and casualness. I’ll end my “special complexion” opus with tinted moisturizer with a special bonus: two hybrids that I didn’t know how to label. They are perfect for the summer season, ultra light, with sun protection… And since they are moisturizing, you don’t have to apply any product beforehand: ☆BB Skin Detox Clarins It gives a nice natural coverage, however you need to work on it a little bit so it blends perfectly with your skin. With a damp Beauty Blender, the result is awesome. Its SPF 25 and anti-pollution complex protect skin from external aggressions and thus keep skin balance. Make sure you try the shade on your face skin because I think they’re kinda rosy and it may not work for some complexions. ☆Hydra Life Water BB Dior Ultra refreshing, ultra moisturizing, ultra light, this colored water leaves an evanescent veil of brightness on your skin. I love the packaging and the SPF 30, the smell is divine and it can be applied without thinking. ☆Idéalia BB Crème Vichy Usually, I’m not a huge fan of Parapharmacy makeup; I think they’re not very complete. But this BB keeps its promises, good moisturizing, subtle and luminous coverage, and SPF 25. However, there are only two shades, so once again make sure you try it on your face before buying. ☆Naked Skin One And Done Urban Decay Don’t look for it, it’s not on the picture… however, this product is awesome. Ultra light, it leaves a bright veil and blurs all imperfections for a no makeup result. It makes your complexion uniform and reduces the open pore feeling. It’s amazing!!! You can apply it with your finger or Beauty Blender, which is not ideal for skin with imperfections. shiseido - serge lutens - makemybeauty   I’ll finish this with these two hybrids, not easy to tell but they give you an exquisite skin and the results are kinda the same: :  Synchro Skin from Shiseido and the Spectral Foundation from Serge Lutens. These are incredible, the result on your skin is hard to describe: matte but silky at the same time. It feels like the product is in perfect symbiosis with your skin and releases an obvious light. The Synchro Skin has long-lasting wear, but without the disadvantages of a matte foundation’s inflexibility, it stays silky. You will appreciate the new shades that make selection easier, since they gather big skin tone families. The one from Serge Lutens stays in the ideal of a creator who fantasizes about woman as an icon, since it is available in 4 shades including a “Geisha” shade. I 'll talk soon (hopefully) about all the great product that Iately tested for the body. Je vous parle bientôt (enfin j'espère) de tout ce que je teste pour le corps depuis quelques mois... I would end with a deep and moved thought to all those who have been affected by the abominable July 14th  horrors.
publié le Monday 18 July 2016 My Beauty Tests