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I often wonder since when and why I am passionated about beauty ? !

And there is a few days ago my boyfriend , who is a great antique hunter , brought me back these few vintage bottles of Guerlain, stamped 1987.

Obviously , I start bitching that he brings me back AGAIN some dirty stuff  and he answer me :

- “The color is beautiful , I found them fun to illustrate one of your post … ” Read more »

Little Fashion Gallery x MakeMyBeauty

Fashion again but this time for our kids .

I work regularly for  LFG web campaigne , I love this site is a real goldmine for to dress our kids. On the top of that the  artistic director is my girlfriend Lisa from Make my lemonade , so I know the set is going to be fun and creative.

Makeup the kids this is not so simple, the room for creation is fine, careful of not being to vulgar or over made up , however you still need to tell a nice story .
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Chico Shigeta beauty’s 10 commandments

Let’s finish this week dedicated to Chico with a small video where she reveals her beauty 10 commandments …

You’ll see for a radiant complexion a good mood is essential.

I kiss you and I wish you a good weekend Jolies Poupées.

Chico Shigeta beauty interview

(Français) Chico Shigeta la queen du massage detox

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(Français) L’eye-liner au crayon, ça vous tente ?

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(Français) La naked 3 by MMB

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Merry Christmas !!!

A gift idea December 24 , it ‘s a little late you would say … I agree with you , especially since I bought this pretty Big Ben at Anthropologie  in London, so not easy to slip it under the christmas tree tonight. However, as I want to offer them (yes I bought several ) to my friends , I did not want them discover it  too far ahead . Read more »

(Français) Des joues survitaminées pour les fêtes by Shu

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The best gift idea, a beauty session with the MakeMyBeauty

You know the most beautiful gifts, the chicest, the most refined, the most singular ? The one which you will be the star of December 25, even the Christmas tree will be as bright as you!

Without hesitation and unanimously “A Beauty Session with MakeMyBeauty “,  is the good idea that will touch the one it is for. Read more »

How beautiful is the gap between the eyes !!!

The distance between the eyes is one of my many  beauty obsession. More the space is wide more I ‘m fascinated , I find it so beautiful that I ‘m hypnotized . Sometimes I get so engrossed that I did not hesitate to stare brazenly a big gap .

Don’t you think that it brings character and uniqueness in the face, like a wild animal  ?

A nice gap between the eyes associated with an immaculate white eye (another of my beauty obsession ) are the key for a great look . Read more »

Bonpoint, my baby’s perfume

Since he is born, I am searching the nectar for my baby joli, the Serge Lutens for toddlers, the Frederic Malle for the 6/9 months . I’m sorry to see that I have not yet found the juice up to his pedigree.

Eh! yes the Divine Child is still the son of …. Beauty Guru, so it was unthinkable that I put scent on him with a “vulgar” Tartine et Chocolat ! Read more »

Oh My Cream is visiting MakeMyBeauty bathroom #2

Hello Girls !

Today this is Alexandra …which reveal the secret of her bathroom.

Happy Thursday dear friends !!!

Oh My Cream is visiting MakeMyBeauty’s bathroom #1

Shortly before the summer holidays Oh My Cream came to visit the MakeMyBeauty’s bathroom because they love us!

Well, we do love them too ! Read more »

Intensae xxx Popup

My Dear our great summer contest starts today, once again you are spoiled, because we love you so much and thank to all of you from the bottom of our  heart to follow us, read us and leave us your nice comments.

This time we invited the pretty boys at the top of hipness and coolness, that will pamper you, cherish you, making you shine brightly and the word is weak. Read more »

Soapwalla the best organic deodorant

A little test of organic and effective deodorant before the heat, no I am not ironic, it will soon be warm!?

They are rare, however there are a few …

We have tested tons at MMB and we almost always been disappointed, the only one that got through our eyes is the Malin & Goetz we were talking about here, a must have. Read more »

The Clarisonic Plus to get the perfect body

We have been resisting with Alex until today. The Clarisonic we did not want to test it, too acclaimed too overused and more we have seen some clients that they were damaged their skin.

We are not big fan of scraping but rather pampering our delicate skin and we feel that the Clarisonic was hyped version of the Gratounette. Read more »

Intensae the new “it” nail polish

Intensae is the new “it”  nail polish brand which drive crazy MMB team. Launched  15 days ago, we wish them a bright future.

We are telling you Intensae go down in the Pantheon of our must-have, not easy to distinguish in this jungle of nail polish mania.

We LOVE them. The color range is short but beautiful, the colors are bright, sparkling, intense, chic. Read more »

(Français) N°5 Culture Chanel…l’expo

I want a glowing skin like a movie star!

Everyone talks about Cannes… So we also write a special post made in star …

Glowing and flawless skin… Not a slightest sign of tiredness, but s….! How are doing the stars to be so radiant on the red carpet? Read more »