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Tuto Shiseido SPF30 compact powder by MakeMyBeauty

I have already spoken about the compact Solaire poudré SPF 30 Shiseido I apply with the brush on my face over the BB Kiehl’s SPF 50 …

The combination of these two products allows me to have a mega UV protection to prevent pregnancy mask …. but always have a nice matte unified complexion.

Well a few months ago, I made a tutorial with Shiseido for the club Omotenashi  to show the use of this compact powder SPF30 … I told myself it would be interesting to show you … Read more »

A 30′s SPF routine

When I was little, I was a little … Of course.

I spent all my summers on the beaches in Ajaccio,  golden skin with Ambre Solaire … It was the 80s, and even if we began to realize the dangers of the sun, SPF + + + + it was not easaly available. Read more »

My ideal beauty bag by 45°C

My journey in Oman, opus # 2 …

As mentioned in my previous post, it is very hot in the Sultanate … July temperatures vary between 38 ° C and 45 ° C …

Sunscreen is + + + + + and it is almost no makeup … Imagine your head in an oven … it is the same … We forget pencils and eye shadows that do not stay on … especially if the activities are more of Trek as lazing under air conditioning … Read more »

Solaire SPF 50 Phyt’s

.Hello to everyone, faithful readers … you begin to know our taste for Sun Care SPF ++++++, isn’t it ?

As unnecessary to remind you that 80% of skin aging due to UV damage.

You will therefore understand that at MMB, beautiful skin is synonymous with high protection.

That’s why every summer we are researching of the best of the best sun protection.

… and for me this season, I fell for the fluid PHYT’S SPF 50. Read more »

SunCare SPF 50 de Kiehl’s.

Qui dit « mois de Juillet » dit « été », qui dit « été » dit « soleil », qui dit « soleil » dit « bronzage » et qui dit « bronzage » dit « protection » !

Bronzer P-R-O-T-É-G-É(-E) !!!!!

Fini le temps où la crème solaire haute protection rimait avec « traces blanches et épaisses ». Aujourd’hui, vous pouvez passer vos vacances à la

Read more »