The day I decided to remove my lash extension

Like two months ago, I tried lash extensions… Waking up with Marilyn’s eyes, I loved it, until the day I started to freak out… Because actually, the lash extensions concept is that you get fake lashes glued to your actual lashes, but only the “grown” ones and not on the “growing” ones. These grown lashes then fade away and naturally fall, taking the extensions with them. Until then, nothing scary, it’s the natural circle of a lash to fall when it’s time! But when you start to see your extensions + your actual lashes start to fall one by one - it’s still a bit weird. Three/fours weeks later, when some of your extensions have fallen, you need to think about doing a “touch-up” to replace them, or it’s going to be ugly. And this is at that exact moment where I started to question myself, since a lash takes several months to grow; I knew the touch-up would automatically be done on growing lashes. Yet, gluing on fake lashes on baby lashes, it automatically slows down their growth. Thus I freaked out a little and I ended up not wanting to extend the experiment with the famous “touch-up”, but rather do what is called a “lash removal”…   In short: I decided to take it all off. Of course, I didn’t do it by myself, I went to a specialist who did a meticulous work and totally painful: she used a specific remover in order to softly dissolve glue, without rubbing, it took a full hour. Once the work done, I hurried to the toilets to see what my face looked like, as I felt like it was dull… Well, I think I actually forgot what my face looked like with my regular lashes.   Except for the brief disappointment, I was relieved to see that I still had lashes! Even if I could see that they had suffered a little, they seemed less full and less long than they used to be… But you know what? Nothing surprising about that, because even if extensions are light as feathers, they create weight that activates natural fall of lashes… And even if you only use a tiny drop of glue to set each extension, it is still a very chemical process… So girls, if you want to try lash extensions, I’d say why not, but only if it’s done with care – if it is then don’t worry, it is safe. Besides, Nelly and I recommend the two brands we have tried, a real piece of work! However, I suggest you to -Do it occasionally or -Take them off from time to time in order to make your actual lashes “breathe”. Because you shouldn’t expecting wrong things, in the long run it will badly weaken your actual lashes’ growth. For my own part, I loved the lash extension experience and if I was to do it again, I would to go on holiday for instance, so I wouldn’t have to worry about my makeup for a few weeks. My “actual” lashes the day after my lash removal:   P1250837   P1250838   And personally, even if I think this is very hot, I prefer not getting used to having fake lashes all the time… I would be likely to enjoy it too much and then end up not accepting the natural me. Another crucial reason: a touch-up is between 50 and 70 bucks every month… I’d rather save money and get myself a pair of Dixon, these shoes are driving me crazy!!! What about you, have you tried the lash extension experience? For those of you who are braver than I am and who have had lash extensions for several months in a row, what did your lashes look like after the “removal”?
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