Colette ♥♥♥ Bigelow

Colette ♥♥♥ Bigelow

This is the good news of the end of this summer holiday Bigelow  New York pharmacist launched at colette.

You know my unconditional love for New York. I lived there for a few years and every year I'm going back to do a shoot because I am missing the city.

Each trip is orchestrated by the assiduous visit of the pharmacies, to discover new product and  treasures, I had written about it here. I even converted my love to the pleasure of shopping in these temples of cosmetics. I have a high selection of pharmacies and of course my favorite of all, I call "Bigelow". I love the decor, vendors, products, I will delight for hours.


So when colette announced me that from September 3 Bigelow will launch at 213 rue Saint Honoré, I jumped for joy and I wanted to share the info with you.

For those who do not know Bigelow is the oldest pharmacy in the United States. Since 1838, they make miracles soaps, lotions and creams at the bottom of their store in Greenwich Village and everything remained in its juice, which gives this place and these products a unique atmosphere.

Available from September 3 at colette, 213 rue Saint Honoré, 75001 Paris but also on their site

Another "colette breaking news" to discover from 3 September, Vogue inviting 10 independent brands "Made in Brooklyn" at the beauty box colette, CO Apotheke, Between You & The Moon, DS & Durga, Goldies Love Nature NYC McBride Beauty, MCMC Fragrances, Phoenix Botanicals, Soapwalla, Sprout.

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  1. vanessa, le 31 August 2012 à 14h44

    mortel !!! j’adore !

  2. Kiki O, le 31 August 2012 à 21h51

    Parfait, parfait, on se le note… Et on ira sous peu 😉