A 30’s SPF routine

When I was little, I was a little ... Of course.

I spent all my summers on the beaches in Ajaccio,  golden skin with Ambre Solaire ... It was the 80s, and even if we began to realize the dangers of the sun, SPF + + + + it was not easaly available.

Today, we find them everywhere, whether in pharmacy, perfumery or supermarkets ...

I still go every summer get tan in Corsica ... but now I am 35, my SPF ritual has become a bit more sophisticated: a SPF 50 applied several times a day, face and body + a nice hat and sun glasses all day.

And you know what? This does not prevent me from having a nice tan at the end of the summer ;)

High SPF does not prevent a tan! They filter out harmful rays ...

So ... I repeat:

SPF 50 on the face and body, but I hate when it sticks when it is white and when it is thick ...

So my lovings sun products consistently rank in the category "performance, pleasure, lightness and easy to apply" ...

This year my choice is focused on:

1- La BB Kiehl's SPF50  +  la poudre compacte Solaire Shiseido SPF30

A SPF duo that ensures protection AND makeup ... Perfect to apply in the morning and then having coffee on the terrace with a nice fresh complexion and protected ;)

BB Kiehl's, I had already spoken a lot about it for it's launch ... I love it in every way ... In combination witht the Shiseido sun compact powder gives a nice smooth finish and matte skin ... like we love it in summer ... Personally I prefer to apply it with a brush, I find the result lighter.


2 - Milk and Cream Expert Sun anti-âge de Shiseido

This is for me the Rolls Rolls of sun protection.

I THOROUGHLY apply on the face and body before having a sun bath.

I like the ultra-thin, non-sticky texture ... they leave the skin matte and very soft ...

They are waterproof and super hyper mega cherry on the cake, they wash off quickly with the soap and water.

It's silly, but if you knew the number of SPF 50 that I used leaving me a nasty white veil on the skin even after I showered ... Well, I must say that I put a lot ...


3 -  The spray PROTECT & REFESH SPF50 by NIVEA

This is the latest from NIVEA always have it in your beach bag in addition to the rest ;)

This mist is perfect for quickly and easily renew a sunscreen after swimming for example.

Its minty formula is super nice and refreshing in a spray during the day ;)

The kind of product that mens love ...

Keep it for the body (legs, back, arms, stomach ...).

For the face and neck, prefer a formula anti-aging cream, such as those previously recommended.

Here's a little teaser video that will immediately make you understand the concept of PROTECT & REFRESH:



4- L'Huile protectrice cheveux Phyto-Plage

Now you know my love for Phyto products, super safe for the hair ;)

I'm faithful to this oil since last summer to preserve my dry and colored hair at the sea and the swiming pool.

Its formula with wax Olive is nourishing and helps make nice hairstyles with a sexy wet finish without too sticky effect, to come out of the water like a mermaid.

Of course, it also contains a UV filter that protects against sun damage.


Here the little tour of my favorites in 2013 sun protection ;)

I leave you to enjoy my few remaining days on the island of beauty, and send you, as promised, lots of  sunny kisses !

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