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Girls, I was waiting for a lovely photo like this one to finally announce the happy news!... Really I was mostly waiting to be on vacation and to have the time to peacefully relax and to write you an account of this marvelous new adventure: a baby 2! A little brother for Lea will arrive at the end of May and we are just going crazy at MakeMyBeauty!

Almost a year ago to date, during the interview on Sophrologie & Bien-etre, Sarah Bensaid had asked me

What future desires would you like to accomplish? …

To her question I answered:

“Have a second child, write a beauty book and enlarge the MakeMyBeauty team.”

And believe me or not, every time that we make a wish at MMB, it comes true!

In September, I find out that I am pregnant…

And December, a major publisher asks us to work on the summary of a book that will no doubt come to light between now and 2017!

Isn’t that marvelous!!!

I swear I didn’t think that all this would happen so quickly… Here we are already in February, baby boy arrives in three months… hardly any time to catch my breath…

So yes, this second pregnancy is a hell of a lot more serene in the sense that this time I know what I am doing and everything is already almost ready…

By contrast, how do I put this… I am not really benefitting in the same way, the rhythm is not the same, rest is rare… And when you add to that the crazy professional planning and the long daily trips… well there are some nights when you ask yourself whether you will make it or not…

Luckily I have:

-A diamond of a husband who divides himself into four when he can.

-A partner in gold who is very understanding especially when I call her in panic with my back against the wall.

-Adorable in-laws with whom I am close and who help me a lot.

-A stressful but exciting business (very important for keeping up the moral during the down times).

-A house far from Paris, for sure, but a real cocoon where I take pleasure in reenergizing myself as often as I can.

-2-year-old Lea, a real doll who, needing sleep as much as I do, sometimes lets me sleep until 9:00am or even 10:00am on Sunday mornings (crazy thing).

-A ruby of a mom who, seeing me at the end of my rope, offered me a week away at the spa to rest and regain my strength… A spa from where I take the time this morning to announce to you the news of wonderful Baby 2 in the works.

Some details, though insignificant for me some years ago, take on a whole new dimension today…

When I have the time to do a face mask I almost have the urge to announce it on Facebook… And when I have the time to go to the hairdresser I tell you exactly what state of euphoria I am in!

Regarding my skin, quite a bit of change also… My skin is changing a little… in fact a lot… It has become hyper sensitive and reactive… But luckily I found great products which help… I think mostly about Susanne Kaufmann, Maria Galland or even Codage… and I can’t wait to quickly talk to you about it!

And you, how are you experiencing (or did you experience) your first (or second) pregnancy?

What are your secrets for keeping in shape, keeping up your moral, nice skin?

Thank you once more to my dear friend @Benjamin Taguemont who managed to take this portrait two weeks ago… Benj you did well to insist (I was worn out that day) It is just amazing! And a big thank you to 1 et 1 font 3 for offering me this lovely sweater in wool and mohair… A real ball of softness for my baby bump!

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