A delicate cat eyes for Xmas !

I anticipate a little, because at the time I am writing  this post, I 'm not mom yet and I wait patiently for the time to go to maternity ( it starts to be long, very long ... ) .

I know that Christmas will be very special for me this year... And I am so happy!

I also know ( because all my mom friends have advised me well , thank you girls !) I will without doubt be tired and overbooked with the arrival of my beautiful doll ...

So I imagined a Christmas look that suit me , but also easy to achieve with practical and easy products  : A delicate cat eyes, suitable to my round eyes, with a pinky blush ;)

After realizing my complexion with foundation Sheer and Perfect by Shiseido and concealer by Phyto , I used:

❋ The  Eye Liner astucieux by Sephora his ergonomic packaging allows easy application , all in a long lasting formula , perfect for little emotional eyes ;)

❋ The masacra Full Action by Sephora, one of my favorite after volume by Chanel and  Overcurl by Dior ... And especially more affordable ;)

❋ Half fringe of false eyelashes Easy to wear Volume by Bourjois , natural and easy to apply with the clip  applicator.

❋ The glue Duo, for false eyelashes , a pro glue that holds well and is suitable for sensitive eyes .

❋ And finally the blush / lipstick 2 in 1 Fun Teasy couleur Dream Pink by Shu Uemura Christmas Collection Takashi Murakami ... A delightful pink hue , both matte and silky.


I first traced the liner at the bottom of  the lower lashes .

I began at the half of the eye , then I stretched beyond outer corner . The route should be fairly straight in the continuity of the line formed by the lower row of eyelashes .


I then traced the liner in  the upper lashes , the entire length of the eye.

The line starts at the end and near the eyelashes the inner corner of the eye. Then he took off half of the eye to reach the end of the bottom line.


I filled the empty space with the liner.

I then applied mascara on top lashes & bottom stretching up the eyelashes outward.

Then I put the half  fringe of false lashes at the outer corner of the eye to accentuate the effect of " doe eye " .

For this , you must:

1 - Place the glue along the base of the fringe of eyelashes with a  MUJI cotton swab .

2 - Wait about 20 seconds before the application ( this step is important because otherwise the glue does not adhere well ) .

3 - Place the false lashes as close to the real root of the eyelashes using the clip applicator 2 in 1. And then press and allow to adhere the corners of eyelashes with the tip of the clip which is on  the other end of the clamp .


Finally, I " flushed " my cheeks with blush Fun Teasy applied with the finger on top of the cheekbones.

Careful, Fun Teasy blush is a creamy texture , it is necessary to apply before powder  ... And then powder if necessary.

A touch of Fun Teasy also on the lips + a touch of transparent gloss .

And now ... ;) A fresh glamorous look for Christmas ...

You too you will have a beautiful makeup for the holidays I hope? ;)

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