A glowy and fresh makeup by MMB for the Beautyst


On a lovely September's afternoon The Beautyst crew came to meet us in our studio with the entire collection of makeup available on their website . YouYouYou we were over excited to be able to dip our fingers in all these beautiful products.

Yes , you're right to think that our job is over cool, play with colors, touch the products, get inspiration and in a few brushstrokes transform you into Cinderella ...

The idea was to create a fresh and glowy makeup with some of these products . My heart felt for ByTerry that I mainly used for Scarlet's complexion and RMS beauty to plump and brighten her face. I 'll let you watch in this videohow to realise this easy makeup .

If like me, you loved RMS beauty , visit The Beautyst who organized a competition for you, to win the products used in the tutorial and it's here.

Alexandra and I will select the three winners, à vos pinceaux Dear MakeMyBeautysta , surprise us and be creative .

Do not forget it 's only makeup !

publié le Friday 18 October 2013 My Beauty Session, Tips & Tricks
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