A hair colorist at home by Alain Silvani

Hair color ... must be not neglected !

In perfect harmony with the typology (= skin color and eyes), the face can be sublimated.

Poorly chosen, it can however fade complexion but also damage the hair shaft, but as weel the entire scalp.

THE right color is crucial.

Traumatized by the unfortunate experiments performed by professionals or by myself, since I had long time become refractory to all types of color: "better to stay natural, it is less risky ..."

Then a year ago, I had a desire to become red .

"Yes, but how? My hair is long, thick and dry ... no question of killing them by whim.

What about the roots during regrowth ? I can not imagine redo my color every month ... just impossible with my schedule and my budget ... "

Anyway ... Despite my desire to change, I could not see the breakthrough.

Then my dear Vanessa  introduced me to Alain Silvani : "You can trust him, this is the king  of hair color..."

Indeed, He is the one who is making  the beautiful Vanessa Bruno platinum and the sublime Melanie Laurent golden for Dior.

You must know : between shooting photos and fashion show, Alain travels to your home to sublimate your hair!

From the tray to shampoo to blow dryer, he comes to you equipped with everything you need !

He takes care of your color but also your cut and blow dry ... it's really over the top!

What makes the difference: it takes time to do a real analysis of your desires, your needs, your character and your hair type.

My experience with Alain Silvani : during our first interview, I was relieving to hear that the choice of red was perfect for me since at the base I'm already brassy.

His advice to meet the nature of my thick curly hair: go for a tone on tone, which fades as you shampoo, and make a cut slightly layered in "triangle".

The balance : A year ago, we began with a slight reflection ... Today I am such a fan that I totally wears a nice flaming red, and I have nothing but compliments!


My session at home with Alain Silvani is about every 3-4 months:

At each session, he create a very personal mixture of color.




Want an appointment with Alain Silvani ?

You can contact him at 06.14 62.53.22

The cut is between 60 and 80 €

The color is between 90 and 120 €

Highlitghts is between 180 and 220 €

The package color + cut is between 120 and 160 €

.Each price includes shampoo, blow-drying and  hair care.

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