A little something about Audrey Hepburn

Hello , hello .... A little post for the week-end ;)

It's been a while since I have to post this one ... ;)

For the record , this summer, I called our friend Lisa from MakeMyLemonade to ask her if she would ok for a makeup like Audrey Hepburn on Vanity Fair cover .

Between the Lisa's ultra busy schedule and  the mine super booked, we finally arrived to book a date … Appointment taken on the first Tuesday of September.

Except that bim , bam, boom … this is the  only day trough my nine months pregnancy that I wa sick ! With a terrible nausea...

But out of the question to cancel Lisa …  Then I am going to meet her ... the upside down , but I 'm  going... To give her a little something of Audrey for an evening ;)

For this session , I used:

I also realized a glamor eyeliner with Liner intenza L'oréal noir + the brush MAC N° 209. And put half  fringe of natural false eyelashes MAC 20 at the outer corner of the eye.

And here is the result in just a few products :

Do you like it ?

She is so beautiful Lisa ❤ ❤ ❤

With hindsight, if I had been less ill, I probably would have done a little stronger makeup , a kind of Audrey pushed to the limit ... with fake eyelashes , eyebrows and eyeliner even thicker ....

Next time perhaps, after the arrival of pretty baby ... ;) Who knows ?

Kiss to all and good weekend !

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