A little summer makeup

A little summer makeup

Makeup été yeux - Mimosa

A little summer makeup, you're tempted !!!

I'm writing you this quick post because it should have been a spring makeup ( which explains the mimosa on the photos), but you know the same old refrain, the emergencies, the everyday life, the well-paid jobs, the kids and with the power of things, we put the blog on auto-pilot mode. Here we are plunged into summer and the subject still hasn't been published.

However, I'm not scamming you by offering you in summer version  because it is going to be perfect for a big party on the Ibiza beaches ...

The idea of this makeup is to bring the eyeshadows very down and lift them very high, the eyeshadow slides on the beginning of the cheekbone and the blush kisses the eyeshadow.

This makeup is a total L'Oréal look, on the last Jacquemus show, we had the chance to collect two big bags full of makeup and we discovered treasures that inspired this look.

infaillible cover - loreal - makemybeauty  

I unified the skin with the Glam Beige Foundation that brings a subtle coloring to the complexion with a velvety finish. I tried to apply with the  Silisponge silicon sponge, it's not bad however the foundation's texture was a bit rough and the sponge tend to grip a little bit, but it great with liquid complexion products.

On the under eye, a veil of concealer from the Infallible Total Cover, applied with the finger and no powder step because the foundation is mat enough.

makemybeauty - bokeh cosmetics

makemybeauty - l'oréal

For the eyes, I smoke out the Eye Paint in Unstoppable Teal in which I add a drop of Eye Paint in Immortal black to give it density.

With a big brush like theLuxe Crease from Zooeva, I then spread the material bringing it down to the cheekbone.

On top of that, by tapping motions with the The Intensifier by Nars, I put the most intense shade of the palette Color Riche Turquoise Spell, it will intensify the makeup and bring it lasting.

In the inner corner of the eye, I put lighting with the lightest eyeshadow from the same palette with the same Zooeva brush. Be careful and be light handed, we cunningly infuse the brightness.

nelly - chatagnon - makemybeauty

makemybeauty - l'oréal

On the cheeks and the cheekbones, I apply with the finger the Infallible Paint Blush in Tangerine Mondrian, and I bring it up smoothly on the temples, almost making it touch the eyeshadow.

On the lips, I put a touch of the same blush and on the center of the mouth, a tear of the Gone with the Nude Infallible Lip Paint.

makemybeauty - nelly chatagnon

l'oréal - makeup - makemybeauty

And Voilà !! Of course here I chose shades that flattered our beautiful Victoire. We can do the same makeup in the colors that suit you.

Stay tuned, next week on our Instagram, a week full of nice surprises to celebrate summer...

Thanks to our photographer, Benjamin Taguemont fro these lovely photos.

nelly - chatagnon - benjamin - taguemount


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  1. Audrey, le 2 July 2017 à 15h54

    Joli maquillage d’été 🙂
    hâte de découvrir votre surprise semaine prochaine sur Instagram…….