A radiant skin with DLAB

A radiant skin with DLAB

Jolie peau booster - DLAB
January :  is the period of  good resolutions taken, we detox after the holidays, we are chilling out  by the fire ... Me, my good resolution for 2011 yes you read well  2011 was to write a post about DLAB, the glam, sexy and effective food supplements range. A year ago DLAB was born and I already  strongly believe in it, so I had one year to try it, to follow are my conclusions : DLAB should be on your 2012 good resolutions lists and it is not difficult to stick on it with two capsules to swallow in the morning and a great skin warranty. "Obsessed, hysterical, phobic" of the first wrinkle or dull skin, since many years I introduced the food supplements in my skincare routine. Eh! yes the beauty of the outside also comes from inside, they are strong allies in my quest for "perfect skin" and I must say that I see the effectiveness when I stop to using it because it is less radiant. DLAB is now in my top 5 "glowing skin" partners, in addition to being effective : radiant complexion, smooth skin, shinny hair, the concept of pleasure has been thought as well. The packaging is very lovely and the pills look like small candy, tastes great, I do not know about you but for my part I hate absorb the capsules unless if it make believe that it is candy. On the top of that this little treasure comes in a nice box. DLAB is a range that meets all your needs, hydration, anti-aging, sun preparations, hair moisturizing  but also boost energy or mood, detox, blood circulation, ... can be combined in different variety of menus. This wide range can be impressive so if you need assistance please contact an expert in herbal medecine that will guide you, selecting the most suitable to your needs. So, I highly recommend DLAB to start the year, go through the winter in good shape and arrived in the spring fresh and radiant like a pretty flower. I lately met the founder, I understood that 2012 would be full of new launch at DLAB. to order: http://www.dlabshop.com/shop/ to contact the expert in herbal medicene: http://www.dlabshop.com/shop/content/12-ne-pas-cliquer
publié le Thursday 12 January 2012 Must-have
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  1. Paillettes et Futilités, le 12 January 2012 à 10h28

    D’accord avec toi, j’aime beaucoup leurs produits 🙂

  2. AnneK, le 12 January 2012 à 10h58

    Trop fort, j”i moi aussi publié un article sur le Booster de jeunesse ce matin. les grands esprits…

  3. Cisco, le 12 January 2012 à 12h53

    La levure de bière c’est moins cher et ça marche aussi..

  4. Christine O, le 14 January 2012 à 22h35

    Je confirme que la peau de notre chère Nelly est très jolie… Alors croquons toutes ces petites pilules merveilleuses…

  5. Nelly C., le 15 January 2012 à 17h30

    merci my dear friend, je te recommande chaudement ces jolies pilules, elles ont tout pour plaire…

  6. Nelly C., le 15 January 2012 à 17h33

    @Cisco c’est vrai que la levure de bière est très efficace aussi mais les gélules DLAB sont un soin plus complet
    @AnneK on attend ton feed back, tjs intéressant de connaître l’opinion des autres
    merci de nous lire

  7. laptitlady, le 15 June 2012 à 10h02

    Je confirme que D-Lab c’est vraiment un joli coup de pouce pour la peau ! J’utilise leurs produits depuis 6 mois et je vois vraiment la différence. En plus ils sont de bons conseils et nous concoctent des menus sur-mesure en fonction de nos besoins!
    Je plussoie donc ++++++ !