Angelika’s make-up with the Shiseido collection Spring 2013

For several years I worked closely with Joe, Anti-Flirt designer ... and Joe always ask me the same style of makeup ... a soft smoky eyes ...

For this shoot, I made up Angelika Paszek, a beautiful brunette with hazel iris ... Of course I had again to enhanced the eyes with delicacy ... opportunity for me to test  Shiseido Spring 2013 new colors !

Their palettes are so pretty ... and the new Rouge Parfait are just great, with a choice of colors super interesting!


On Angelika, I used:

The Eyeshadow Doux Eclat Trio RD299, Beach Grass. ... a palette of soft  and warm colors that I associated with black kohl cream relief.

To create this palette Dick was inspired by wild weed on Sullivan Island, South Carolina, which had exactly the same colors ...

La Poudre Satin Lumineux PK107, Medusa....shimmering powder applied on the cheekbones and temples ...

Rouge Parfait Fleur OR341.... a coral applied on lips but also on cheeks as a blush;)

The result? Smoky of course ... but warm and super bright ... that's all the subtlety of Shiseido!

Do you like it?



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