Beauty shopping Istanbul vs Annaba

Beauty shopping Istanbul vs Annaba

Beauty - shopping - Istanbul
.Lately I have made up the beautiful Princess K de Annaba for her wedding. Sorry, there will be no photos of this great event censored by the great Califat. For the occasion, I moved to Annaba and as I never forget you dear readers, I wanted to enjoy a beauty shopping from Algeria. Hoping to discover some treasures .... Eh! well my friend  the only thing I braught back it is a cosmetic depression. There is NOTHING, the Goby desert, the beauty nothingness, walou! . . .   Only a few counterfeit makeup, I'll let you guess who the smugglers would have us believe, and the pretty khajal made in Pakistan? . . . . . I dared to open the door to a hair salon, and then how you describe my feeling: My God what an horror! Simply put, it is the temple of bad taste and nothing at all, proof in pictures.     The périgrinations of my job I was then catapulted to Istanbul. Very surprisingly, I discovered a Clinic and Nars shop. This is incomparable with the one on  413 Bleecker St., there is not the Francois's touch or the design of Mister Baron. But when even a little jealous that Paris is not hacing his ... . . . . . They carries all U.S. brands, such as DDF, Murad, Perricone, Dermalogica ... but also some that I did not know and I'll talk about soon .... . I have not made major discoveries that can disrupt the life of a beautysta. But I had fun to buy dozens of varnish, less than 1 € per bottle in beautiful colors, super easy to apply, as I mentioned in the post "Anthology of varnish" and "Being a cosmetic alchoolic". . . . I brought some makeup from the Polish brand Inglot, which I will describe as a mutant cross between Mac and Makeup For Ever. Which offers a nice selection of color and material. It would not be disappointed if it landed in France. . . . I could also buy gallons of Chanel, Lancôme, .. in the small ranout the beautiful Egyptian Bazaar, but not sure about their pedigree, I preferred to abstain ...  
publié le Monday 8 August 2011 My Beauty Backstage
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  1. Christine Ollivier, le 10 August 2011 à 13h35

    Buorjios ? c’est une contrefaçon ? Ha bon !

  2. Nelly C., le 10 August 2011 à 13h45

    tiens toi qui préfère la poudre compact je te la donnerai, tu nous feras un petit feed back sur les effets secondaires….

  3. Alexandra B., le 10 August 2011 à 14h59


  4. Christine O, le 15 August 2011 à 09h02

    Non merci ! Je suis déjà moi-même un effet secondaire !