« BIO BY BIOT « detoxifying hair treatment range

When I started to hear about here and there in the press last September, I was very intrigued! ... No need to say that when I have been invited to discover the line in Mr Christophe Biot salon, I began a dance of joy and save the date for not missing it!

I was not disappointed, far from it! a beautiful modern lounge but warm while stone walls in the heart of St Michel, a friendly welcome and chic, a tasty snack and very charming hairdressers to test the range in the best conditions! What better to finish off an hard day's work? ... For starters, the master of the house talks about three products in its line and explain what were its objectives and requirements for its creation:
  • Focus on the scalp treatment and oxygenation, because, according to him, is the basis of everything no healthy and beautiful hair  if the "field" is not healthy. Use of natural raw materials, herbal and essential oils, and the highest percentage bio can A short range that goes to the essential: a powder shampoo, mask and serum Packaging of reasonable size and easy to carry, a high concentration of active treatment to be effective using only a small amount.
All these arguments impress me a lot, Christophe speech is clear, precise and provides the correct answer to each of our questions, I am captivated by his ease and assurance. We feel that the project is the result of a true reflection and experience, its design has been carefully studied and thought to suit the expectations of the most demanding ... I have the impression that this line was created for me! Indeed, besides the fact that I absolutely agree with the number 1, I'm a little reached saturation to the brands that offer too wide range as we get lost, we do not know what to choose or "to which way to turn. " I love the return to minimalism, which still happens to meet all demands for hair problems by acting directly at the source. In addition, always on the lookout for new experiences and textures issue in the field of cosmetics, I find the shampoo powder highly innovative and intelligent (easy transport, more concentrated, more compact ...). Attention, it is not there a dry shampoo, but a product to be emulsified with water! After the theory, we are invited to practice: the tray! Hairdressers establish a diagnosis of the state of each one scalp and give a customized care. For my fine hair, I am entitled to the application of the mask and massage the roots (delicious and very relaxing) to stimulate the blood circulation and the action of the product, followed by shampoo, serum and quick drying because I hate brushings ... I am delighted, hair is as natural as if I had been allowed to dry in the open air as is my habit, they have body and volume, lengths are soft: it's perfect. Icing on the cake, after 48 hours, they are neither flat nor fat, and I can push the washing to the following day ! Obviously, we are not here in a niche called "cheap" but I think it is often better to eat less but better: it is an investment, the results are immediately visible but will be beneficial to I think in the long term at the quality and durability of the attention given to hair deeply. Conclusion: I highly recommend Bio by Biot, a very  sophisticated range and excellent combination of simplicity, efficiency and natural Maison de coiffure CHRISTOPHE-NICOLAS BIOT - 41 rue St André des Arts 75006 paris Shop online Poudre de shampoing/20€ – masque détoxifiant/38 € - sérum soin éclat/24 € .
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