Bonpoint, my baby’s perfume

Since he is born, I am searching the nectar for my baby joli, the Serge Lutens for toddlers, the Frederic Malle for the 6/9 months . I'm sorry to see that I have not yet found the juice up to his pedigree.

Eh! yes the Divine Child is still the son of .... Beauty Guru, so it was unthinkable that I put scent on him with a "vulgar" Tartine et Chocolat !

Despite my best intentions, though I had to think about something more down to earth, more "simple" , I decided to adore  l'Eau de Bonpoint.

I hear you screaming behind your screen :

- " She is nuts the MakeMyBeauty, " SIMPLE , SIMPLE ', she is not gone to buy some Eau Jeune"

Ok, I agree with you, Bonpoint is ultra chic and refined, but it also smell deliciously good.

It is fresh, soft, sparkling, joyful like my pretty baby.

It is a combination of orange blossom and small grain with jasmine floral heart .

What I love the most is the little ritual that we have every morning and see my baby enjoying  these few gestures of love :

♥ I first brush his ​​hair trying to comb nicely his strand on the side which gives him a little air  like " Les Triplés ."

♥ Then I spray perfume on his clothes, telling him he is the most beautiful in the world !

Ah ! yes great God never directly on the skin, the risk of damaging his royal skin ...

And you pretty moms wich perfume did you choose for your pretty babys ?

Do you have a marvel to let me discover?

Kiss .

publié le Sunday 10 November 2013 Make My Baby
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