Girls, I’m aging, I recently quietly celebrated my 46th birthday and know that I’m not ready to go seniors clubs.

As a result, I have to constantly flush out the holy grail of freshness and glow is what drives this third opus to put beauty in play.

I dedicate these lines today to C.Lavie as a brand completely dedicated to one’s wellbeing that I have been testing for the last few months.

Sylvia, a chemistry wizard, under this great company, is dedicated to concocting the best skin care and health products. Luckily, wrinkles aren’t my main problem, I have managed make them essentially unnoticeable. They will eventually win for sure, but not yet as you will see below due to C. Lavie’s incredible remedies. I’m feeling confident about my upcoming old age, I’m still comfortable going out 3 out of 4 days per week at the Mano. However, there are still some signals indicating my passing in the club of “maturity”:

♧ I consume reasonably, gone are the days of using 250 pair of shoes and assorted bags per season.

♧ I eat organic and local if possible.

♧ I dream that Paris will drive one day only on electrics.

And, of course I use cosmetic, however the label must be under control. I have 3 nuggets here with me that will ensure the beauty of your skin and this collection is not necessarily intended to combat aging but rather to attain radiant skin. The C. Lavie formulas are short-acting, active and fully respect the body. These textures are associated with powerful active yet extremely mild, are especially selected for their tolerance and their affinity for getting remarkable skin. The assets are extracted without solvents, by using mechanical eco extractions to preserve and concentrate active molecules. The formulations are very natural, ultra bio you can go there with closed eyes and they do not contain:

✝ mineral oils

✝ silicones


✝ BHT and  BHA

✝ synthetic perfume

✝  parabens,phénoxyéthanol, méthylisothiazolinone (MIT)


✝  nano particules

Makes you want to get it ....am I right?

 Le Sérum Éclat

It is ideal for a joyful and youthful look along with unifying and lighting up one’s skin. It regulates the production of melanin, reduces redness and has an anti-radical action with an ultra-specialized formula. It is slightly tinted so it can bring a discreet dash of youth, it can be used alone or with a treatment based on skin requirements or the season. Even skin tone is the secret to a glowing skin along with regulating imperfections that blur the light is very important to me. Using this radiance serum is like swallowing a light bulb and giving you a lit look, your skin infused with a halo glow.

☆ Le Contour des Yeux  The eyes are the most important area to protect since the first sign of aging goes through here first. One is truly prone to signs of fatigue and aging in that area.

Why? Because this area is extremely solicited on a daily basis and fragile so take car of it C. Lavie eye cream.

It is full of hyaluronic acid and pure aloe vera juice, which will deeply hydrate and tighten the skin and immortelle and the caffeine extract improves microcirculation in turn, reduces dark circles and puffiness.

Of course we do not apply it like a brute, the gesture is as important as the quality of the product. A soft massage with a bit of Shiatsu along the edge of the eye will smoothen it.

 La Crème de jour

We finish the protocol with this cream; it contains everything your skin needs the instant you apply. Its formula is designed to regulate the cells’ functions and ensures that the skin’s barrier fights against external aggression, and limits dehydration.

Prickly pear, Jojoba  and Date Palm desert oils are powerful, restorative and anti-radical moisturizers that reinforce the skin barrier function.

Polysaccharides and hyaluronic acid provide intense moisturizing.

The biophenols have amazing antioxidant properties which preserve the shine. Polyphenols and terpenoids cleverly protect cells.

These comprehensive care products do everything to preserve your skin’s beauty!

You are going to love this fabulous skincare line designed by the magical and passionate Sylvia whose ethics and kindness that suggests to us that there are some people who live in a better world and gives us the desire to join them.

The bad news you will have to wait until june when the brand will be launched ...

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  1. Sissi, le 26 April 2016 à 10h24

    Bon anniversaire Nelly !!! Et merci pour cette belle découverte, ce sont de belles pépites que tu nous présentes. J’ai qq années de plus que toi, alors forcément je suis intéressée aussi.
    C fou ce que le temps passe vite se dit-on quand on fête un nouvel anniversaire hein ?! Personnellement entre 40 et 50 ans, j’ai eu bcp de mal à me faire à mon âge, j’avais toujours l’impression d’avoir 35 ans. Et puis j’ai été heureuse de fêter mes 50 ans et je les dépasse depuis bientôt 3 ans très sereinement.

  2. Alcaline, le 26 April 2016 à 12h42

    Ça donne très envie de tenter ces beaux produits, quelle est la gamme de prix?
    Merci pour toutes ces découvertes, je ne quitte plus mon démaquillant lodess et le maquillage rms!!

  3. Nelly C., le 26 April 2016 à 14h58

    @Sissi merci Sissi. J’espère abordée les 50 sereinement comme toi car je dois bien avouer que je n’aime pas vieillir 🙁
    bises et merci de nous lire.

  4. Nelly C., le 26 April 2016 à 15h00

    @Alcaline Je ne connais pas les prix. Tu devrais les contacter via leur site pour connaitre les tarifs exacts. C’est vrai ceux deux marques sont fabuleuses, je suis une grande fan du lait démaquillant Lodesse. Belle journée nelly