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Do not remove makeup before going to bed is like sleeping in a garbage ... HELL.

Furthermore the makeup that all more or less are wearing daily, our skin is clogged with dust, pollution and dead cells that accumulates and stores in excess. Do not remove them conscientiously at night asphyxiate and killing the capital youth of the skin.. Made the test of Dailymail journalist who has not cleansed for a month, you will see this is perfect to get  10 years in the face.

However, I often find that removing makeup is the step that many women neglect by laziness, ignorance or lack of time surely ...

Ah! this applies to you as well? Then this post is for you;)

The best method for removing makeup that I was teached  during my cosmetics studies, known and recognized for its effectiveness, it is cleansing with milk followed by a lotion.

The "greasy" texture of the milk is ideal to emulsify  make-up and impurities, and it's composition respects the PH of the skin because it is very close. Lotion, it then serves to remove greasy residues.

However, I always thought that using a ton of cotton to clean was not very green. Especially as cotton, it's pretty abrasive and not great for sensitive skin ...

The simplest and softest that's just use the tips of the fingers!


Dixit Joelle Ciocco's the great papesse of cosmeto: apply the cleanser with your fingertips in deep and circular motion for 1 minute, nothing like it to take off all traces of makeup and other residues.

Rinsed with warm water directly with your hands. Then finish with a well soaked cotton of lotion / floral water to remove the last traces of cleanser and neutralize hard water onto the skin. At this stage, you can then opt for washable fabric cotton  is really greener.

You remember washable cotton? I told you about those from Emma  over a year ago .... Well for the record, some are also available today at Oh My Cream.

The advantage of this method?

- The skin is deeply cleansed and skin integrity is respected.

- Massaging the skin stimulates blood circulation, guaranteed healthy glow!

- The ritual lasts not more than 3 minutes, I think everyone can manage it

- No more waste of  cotton!

It seems that brands are riding more on this concept by cleansing softer and greener ... So  MMB  made  a small selection of our favorite makeup remover.


The Wash-off 3-in-1 Human & Kind (available in April exclusively at Sephora).

I wrote recently about this brand in my post  "Velvet Hands". Free of chemicals, Human & Kind is a range of natural treatments for soft, effective and multi functions.

The Wash-off 3-in-1 is a cleanser that exfoliates slightly but not stripped the skin.

Rinses it with warm water and using the delicate machine washable cloth .

Cenntennal asiatique plant in its composition is a powerful anti-aging that improves collagen skin and fights oxidation. It leaves a pleasant sensation of freshness.

Note: avoid  to remove eye makeup with otherwise big fresh air effect guaranted!

☛ WHO?

Dull and tired complexions.


 Le Lait onctueux Capital Jöelle Ciocco

This is the Rolls Rolls cleansers, packed with nutrients, antioxidants and detoxify.

With this milk, Joelle Ciocco suggest double cleansingl to optimize the breathing of the skin: a first step to clear dirt, pollution, and makeup and then a second step to purify the skin ecosystem. Then rinsed with water, and  followed by a lotion. Its soft texture and scent of orange blossom are just divine.

Note: You can also use it for yes makeup remover.

☛ WHO?

All skin types, ideal for sensitive and dry skin.


★ Hot cloth cleanser Rosa Centifolia by Ren.

Nourishing cleanser that rinsesn off by passing a cloth dampened with warm water.

Its rich and creamy texture is a real treat, it leaves skin feeling refreshed and plumped gives almost want to use it several times a day!

We are fan of Rose smell present throughout the range of Rosa centifolia Ren.

Note: Also ideal for eye makeup remover.

☛ WHO?

All skin types.


The Ultra Sensitive Cleansing Lotion Eucerin

This is a fluid cleansing milk that cleans while calming skin prone to redness. It contains a unique patented active ingredient, SymSitive, which helps relieve the sensations of heat and discomfort, perfect for super sensitive skins. It is used to damp skin and then rinse off with warm water or just with lotion.

Note: Not necessarily ideal as eye makeup remover, it is  bestter to use a previously adapted cleanser.

☛ WHO?

Hyper sensitive skin


The cleansing balm by Diptyque

It is a balm composed of waxes and floral infusions that turns into oil when it is massaging into the face, ideal for a cocooning makeup removal ritual in winter.

It is then rinsed with warm water, but as it leaves a light oily film on the skin, it is best to rinse  it with a cloth or a cotton washable fabric.

Note: it removes perfectly the eyes makeup, even waterproof. And it can also be used as a mask!

☛ WHO?

Dry skin will love it.


Raw Coconut Cream RMS Beauty

It is a  all  in one balm that deliciously scented which can be used as makeup remover, but also as cream to soften dry areas (heels, elbows, knees ...) or as a mask to deeply nourish the hair.

Composed of pure coconut oil, it also has excellent antibacterial properties and antimicrobiales perfect for skin prone to imperfections.

Note: it removes perfectly the eyes makeup, even waterproof.

☛ WHO?

All skin types, even sensitive or prone to acne.


Genius ultimate anti-aging melting cleanser by Algenist

This cleaner texture transformed to the application: a soft gel that melts and becomes oily in contact with the skin, then rinse with water to finally turn into milky emulsion ... A whole program.

Besides the ultra sensory journey it can offer (not negligible), its formula with Alguronique acid and Micro-algae oil helps fight against the appearance of wrinkles and nourish the skin deeply.

Note: It also removes eyes makeup, but can however leave a light veil.

☛ WHO?

All skin types.


Girls, now you have all the info to remove makeup safe & green and choose the cleanser for your skin type ... You will have no excuse to neglect this step which is the most important to preserve youth and beautiful complexion!

Have a nice week take care !

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