Colors from Britany

Colors from Britany

Here I am Breton for the week, in shooting for the brand Empreinte ... I can assure you (and myself as well by the way), we are not working outside, but in a beautiful house that dates back from 1900 and each room inspired photography ...

Whenever I come to Britain, I am captivated by the poetic and dramatic light ... Especially in the rain;)

The colors and contrasts are rich and intense ... A real artist's palette that reminds me how much I have more desire to put myself in the painting ... It is never too late you will tell me?

Waiting to use my brushes other than onto the skin, I will share this lovely shades of blue and gray ... infinity and changing as the sky.

See you soon;

publié le Wednesday 15 May 2013 My Beauty Backstage
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  1. Adeline, le 18 May 2013 à 19h34

    Yep, j’aurai voulus savoir où c’est en Bretagne!?
    Merci 🙂

  2. Alexandra B., le 19 May 2013 à 18h37

    C’est à Etables sur mer, sur la baie de Saint Brieuc… Tu connais?