How to apply a stick eye shadow ?

Eye shadow stick is the must have of your makeup bag ... it would be a shame not to know how to use it. We love it  to make up eyes in two minutes, it is perfect. His big creamy tip makes it very easy to work. And best of all, it is often waterproof so once applied, it does not move all day! Here are some tips for applying it to be your best ally: stick-caviar-laura-mercier For a daily makeup easy and quick to realize, stick eye shadow is perfect. It may just be applied to the eyelid, easily. For this, stretch the eye outwardly and upwardly then color eyelid starting with the outer corner. Be careful not to go over the eyelid crease. stick-caviar-laura-mercier-3   estompe-stick-caviar Once the stick eyeshadow applied, use a brush to smudge in the eyelid crease. Eyes open and look straight in the mirror (it is better to locate it), put the brush at the outer corner of the crease and then back to the inside corner. Repeat the movement of the brush several times to get a nice shaded off.   stick-caviar-laura-mercier   stick-caviar-laura-mercier For info, you better realize the entire makeup of one eye, and then the second one because the stick eyeshadow is waterproof, it dries quickly, it will not be easy to smudge it, if you wait too much.   estompe-stick-caviar-coton-tige Little tips: if your makeup goes too high above the crease, use a cotton swab to take it off . And that's what happens with a touch of mascara: stick-caviar-laura-mercier   For a more smoky and intense eyes, it is also possible to shade the bottom of the lash line with the same stick eye shadow. Here's how to proceed : Stick-caviar-laura-mercier    stick-caviar-laura-mercier The eye always stretched outward and upward, color the lower lashes starting at the outer corner. stick-caviar-laura-mercier   estompe-stick-caviar-halo Once the stick eye shadow applied, use a brush to smudge it. Then look straight in the mirror, move the brush several times  in "halo" to smoothly shaded off the color at the top and bottom of the eye. Et voilà : look-smoky-stick-caviar-laura-mercier   For this makeup, I used - the  Caviar Stick Burnished Bronze - the Eye Crease brush - the Sensual Cheek blush (limited edition Fall 2014) -  and Long Lash Mascara All by Laura Mercier ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ burnished-bronze-stick-caviar-laura-mercier   I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial ? If so, we will renew the format  !            
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