Commune de Paris candle by Astier de Villatte

Commune de Paris candle by Astier de Villatte

bougie commune de paris

It's not the crisis at MakeMyBeauty, again sumptuous gift idea, but it was impossible not to talk about it.

It is number one on my wish list ... Do you hear me Dear Santa Claus ???!!

And if I could get the whole "Tricolore" collection Paris Commune / Astier de Villatte, I certainly would not be disappointed, I would even say that I'd be delighted. Without abusing Dear Santa Claus, as well I love, love, love the collection  "Tuileries",  Paris Commune / Astier de Villatte.

I escape, get back to our santon, and the desired thing ? the tricolore candle Commune de Paris created in collaboration with Astier de Villatte, is the famous ceramic candle glass which is adorned with a tricolor 3D cube pattern inspired by stationery.

Needless to say that the smell is sumptuously stylish, unique with delicate sweet fragrance, a bit powdered because of the combination of benzoin, nutmeg which are mixes with the flavor of almond green coumarin and citrus scents.

For my part when the candle is burned off I keep the glass in order to make pretty bouquets strutting ...

Astier de Villatte is an address that you would like to keep secret, just for you, but Christmas is a generous time,  here all the details to find it and other wonderful wonders:

€ 110, candle

Astier de Villatte, 173 rue Saint Honoré, 75001 Paris - Tel. +33 (0) 1 42 60 74 1

Commune de paris

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  1. Kiki, le 11 December 2012 à 19h56

    Un p’tit parfum NATIONAL, VIVE LA FRANCE !

  2. Louise, le 14 January 2013 à 20h37

    110 euros la bougie, ça s’allume vraiment pour des occasions spéciales … A la prochaine révolution 😀