Cool beauty device

Cool beauty device


Those beauty device make my crazy. I have the feeling  like sneaking across a cosmetic surgeon without collateral damage !!! I love, the one that smoothes a dull complexion or that calculates how much sun you have consumed or how many steps you have made. Just to keep you fresh, healthy and motivated !!!

So for those who do not like their hair, you'll see I have a crazy device that eradicates any mess that could disfigure your beautiful body.

Even if we could notice  a roots trend from some people and models who exhibit their hair on insta, for my part I will stay hyper classic and still love my smooth body like a sugared almond.

So Smooth Skin Gold is the thing that holds more than its promises, it was better than I was predicted !!! I can not believe it, every day I have a thought for  my late hair that will never return.

The Smooth Skin burn with a pulsed light, which significantly slowed regrowth, they are less vigorous and profuse less.

It must begin with a protocol of 12 weeks, using on a weekly basis  and a monthly maintenance. As for me, I stopped the startup program after three weeks of use because I had nothing to eradicate.

Obviously we are not all equal when the effectiveness of the result, the more the skin is white and the hair is darker, the better it works (FYI I am  boxing in this category).

The operation is super fast 10 minutes per half leg. Thanks to a light cursor, the unit will announce its correct position and if it captures well the skin color. Unfortunately, if it is too dark the Smooth Skin Gold does not fire, it works on many skin tones except the darkest.

Please note that it is not final, though to this day I find it stunning result.

Then the girls if you want a thing more effective than your beautician ... Go for it!


Second discovery: the L(A)B Eye+Lip Focus is perfect for those who want to sack their cosmetic surgeon.

It pampers the exhausted eye area: lifts, smooth, relieves congestion, reduces dark circles ...

This one is magical too, I tested all summer and I have seen significantly up my eyelid downfall.

However, to keep it weightless you must be assiduous, the L(A)B Eye+Lip Focus must be slipped every morning gently on the eye contour. Due to its slight vibrations and galvanic current, it reduces dark circles, lines and allows better penetration of serum, it can also be used on the lip contour.

Obviously, if we stop the daily routine the disaster is coming back and you will be forced to recall the surgeon politely thanked  mentioned above.

As for the history of hair, we are not all equal in the result. If wrinkles are deep, do not expect to see them disappear, then think twice before firing the above mentioned surgeon.

Exclusivity at Petite Epicerie Beauté du Bon Marché.

You've already tested them ?? I am curious to know what you think about it ...

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  1. Puech, le 3 November 2015 à 12h24

    Bonjour Nelly, je n arrive pas a trouver le Lab. Eye focus sur le site du bon marche. Excellente journée.

  2. Nelly C., le 3 November 2015 à 13h59

    @Puech Bonjour Emma, vous pouvez aller sur leur site directement en cliquant sur le produit ou il faut se rendre au BM. Belle journée. Nelly

  3. Lu&cie, le 12 December 2015 à 08h49

    Bonjour Nelly!
    Très interessante cette machine, elle donne envie!!
    Mais qu’en est-il de la douleur??? est-ce équivalent à une épilation laser?
    Je vous souhaite une belle journée

  4. Nelly C., le 14 December 2015 à 22h46

    Bonsoir Lucie, c’est quasi indolore, cela peut picoter un peu mais c’est tout. Le laser picote bcp plus fort… Belle soirée et merci de nous lire. Nelly

  5. Lu&cie, le 16 December 2015 à 13h08

    Fantastique!!! j’adopte…;)

  6. Laure, le 8 January 2016 à 23h37

    Merci pour l’avis sur le SmoothSkin Gold, je suis convaincue…Sur le long terme, vous pensez que c’est bien aussi?
    Malheureusement il est épuisé sur Amazon France, savez-vous où je peux le commander?

  7. Nelly C., le 13 January 2016 à 11h31

    @Laure En ce qui concerne le long terme je n’ai pas assez de recule pour affirmer le résultat. Mais à ce jour cela a sérieusement ralenti la repousse des poils. Donc je pense que sur du long terme c’est génial parce que l’on s’épile de moins en moins régulièrement.
    Attention ce n’est pas de l’épilation définitive c’est clairement revendiqué par la marque.
    Il se trouve sur le site de Boulanger et de smoothskin aussi.
    Belle journée et merci de nous lire.

  8. Violeta, le 26 February 2018 à 00h19

    je vous remercie pour ces info…
    Par contre je vois que vous connaissez les machine avec le courant galvanisé,mais vous avez entendu pour la science ageLOC?