Detox and toning routine

It's spring time and we start counting the days before the beach... oups, oups ... After well-fed throughout the winter with Ferrero Rocher, will have to think more light ... Well, we start with what then? Sport? Yeah ... of course, between the diaper and the grocery shopping, it remains a small half hour to run on the treadmill ... Ok, I'm a bit sarcastic ... But we must admit that combine to metro, work, sleep and working out with baby, husband, friends, party we must have the powers of Super Woman, right? I think especially my beloved partner who just had her baby ... Needless to say that we should not tell her about gym right now, she has other things to do ... However, even if we do not always have the time to play Veronique and Davina, I think we can always find a moment to massage our body and swap the coca for a safe drink, right? The program? Oula Oula ... I use big words, I am getting nuts ... This is just to introduce new little habits, and today! Let's go! Motivated! 1 - On Detox! For all the nasty toxins responsible for cellulite but also dull skin. To evacuate, you should drink regularly ... 1.5 liters of water per day, which corresponds to a glass every hour ... yes, yes! A bit boring perhaps? Good alternative is the infusion or green tea ... Kusmi offers this season BB Detox Tea, the Beauty Drink ;) to refer to the BB cream buzz... It combines Maté Tea, Dandelion  and Rooibos (shrub native from Africa) known to be powerful anti-oxidants, and Guarana known to be a great anti-stress/anti-fatigue. Grapefruit flavored, it is delicious both hot or iced ... In MakeMyBeauty we loved it ;) . .2. Tones! Rub your skin ALL DAY to remove cellulite and stimulate blood circulation. So for the record, it's been several years since I use the Body Shop spikes glove, I use it in circular motions on the thighs, hips and belly ... Personally, it is my firm skin secret ;) My "easy" technique, I used it in the shower and drag with soap ... A real time saver! Mine is old today, I was very motivated to buy a new one to show you a picture ... And guess what? At the Body Shop store rue de Provence, I learned that they stopped to produce it! ... Of course! It was so helpful! Had to stop this great accessory! what a great idea! But, hats and scrubs gloves still for sale, it makes us look good, here! ... Anyway ... if you know a spiked glove massage convenient to use, please let me know ;) . Otherwise, apart from the glove massage, toning gel to be applied to "sensitive areas" is a very good solution. Do not expect a miracle, you tell me ... the ugly cellulite will not disappear by magic ... But honestly, when done with regularity, skin texture improves visibly, it's just a discipline 5-10 minutes a day ... I am also convinced that the results are magnified when we come to associate the gesture to olfactory sensory pleasure ... Two years ago (pfff. .. already!) I told you about the gel raffermissant Body Creator from Shiseido and its concept based on aromachology ... I loved it! FYI, this year, Shiseido has released a concentrated version gel-crème Advanced Body Creator Concentré concentrate of active ingredients: - Caffeine, hawthorn, grapefruit oil, coco Porias (an Asian fungus) to destroy the fat and avoid to come back. - Fagus sylvatica (beech) to stimulate collagen production and strengthen the dermis. The grapefruit fragrance provides a feeling of freshness and well-being ... (Note that we found the grapefruit in Kusmi ;)) As for the texture, you almost want to eat ... a cocoon of happiness that leaves the skin very soft. . And you, what is your plan of attack for detox and toning ? Any products? A magic formula? Good week to all!
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