Double eyeliner

The eye liner,  this winter makeup trend or a basic ? I think the eye liner has become a must have in our wardrobe like our pair of jeans and / or our stilettos. Each season we can see it everywhere on the catwalk and in magasines. It can be applied in a thousand ways and can fit with any look : 50's, glam, rock, graphic, a thin or thick  line,   as well moved into the fold ot the eyelid. There are different textures : - Pencil for a soft line - Liquid for a graphic effect - Fountain pen for easy application - Gel for a versatil draw and for the lousiest the eye liner patches are available at Dior. I must say that the application of eye liner is not the easiest operation, it requires some skill, a little technique and perseverance. For the simplest way to apply it, follow the lash line starting from the middle of the eye the line is thicker at the outer corner and die in the inner corner. In this series of makeup, I did a double eye liner, just to spice up a little the application, on a metal color cream eye shadow big trend this season. I used the painting liner night blue Shu Uemura, a nice creamy texture malleable and easy to apply, I did slip it on the cream eyeshadow Starlight from Nars. A touch of foundation because no need to much on the pretty Nesrine beautiful skin, a little blush Neon Pink from Top Shop and that's it! For a the dark makeup, I simply blended the painting liner from Shu Uemura in the cream eyeshadow from Nars . The technique of eye liner for makeup: lined in the lash a very fine line, then follow in parallel the bottom line of the eye and stretched out. For the bottom of the eye, start the line in the middle of the eye and follow the one above. Thanks to the lovely Nesrine for agreeing to pose for me. .
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