Eucerin the S.O.S brand

I must sadly admit that varicella trashed the Royal epidermis of my pretty baby . Too preoccupied to relieve him, I have not paid attention to the product I was using, and the antiseptic killed his skin.

It is super super super dry , it looks like he has a XXL gooseflesh  my little prince. I was so proud about his velvety, silky skin.

I first had a small desire to  scrub his body with my super Ahava body scrub , but I thought you would find it cruel !

( That one was for you to laugh , do not alert the DASS I do not scrub my child . )

I persisted a few days with organic products thinking that it would eventually get better but I have to abdicate. Given the extent of the damage I took an appointment with the dermatologist , as it began to look like eczema.

Pending the appointment , I went to the "chemical " products, out the bio, because he began seriously to suffer my Loulou not softer.

I chose the combo AtopiControl huile bain et douche  and AtopiControl émollient corps which is for me the SOS brand , ideal to save "serious" cases , in a few days his crocodile skin had disappeared.

First I wash my babye with shower oil that gently cleanses , soothes and relieves itching sensations and very dry skin . It is formulated without soap , no preservatives,no  fragrance and dye , so it is chemical but not too much .

Formulated with 20% Omega ( natural oils ) , it moisturizes the upper layers of the epidermis , nourishes and protects .

Then I hydrate the body with the emollient that moisturizes , sooth and restores suppleness to the skin , reduces sensations of itching and tightness. Formulated without parabens, fragrance and dye.

Its formula is highly concentrated Omega-6 fatty acids ( evening primrose oil and grapeseed oil) and Licochalcone soothing ( licorice root extract ), to replenish lipids the skin, helping to restore the skin barrier.

Both products are suitable for infants.

Eucerin is not glam but I must admit that it is very effective ! ... And that's the point ...

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