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In our process of aging, the eyes ares is one that collapses first and the fall can be deep.

Why? Because the skin is very thin, it is hyper requested by blinking and emotions. Very poor in sebaceous glands, it is  poorly protected against dehydration. Rich in blood vessels, venous and lymphatic circulation are sometimes a little lazy, resulting accumulation of pigments and toxins so dark circles and puffiness.

Okay so what do we do? To preserve the eye is not complicated, it's just Boots Camps: rigor, consistency and a goldsmith gestures.

I just turned 45 and I'd rather tell you that I avoid crying and blinked as I am on the worse slope. Since I do not consider the surgery, I have an athlete's routine and for the rest I leave it to Heaven.

✔︎ Tip 1:  gently remove makeup

We start by cleansing the eyes gently with a suitable product. I generally prefer the two-phase makeup remover that will dissolve the makeup avoiding friction. Take off your gloves and be very very soft. Soaks a cotton, leave for a few sec. to melt the makeup, and gently glide on the lash outward. The operation is repeated until the cotton is white.

My favorite : Démaquillant yeux et lèvres Shiseido, Respectissime La Roche Posay, Eye makeup remover M2 Facial, Dermatoclean démaquillant yeux Eucerin.

✔︎ Tip 2: I chose a daily treatment adapted

I then applies an adapted anti wrinkle eye care  necessarily for me, but for other anti-aging or  moisturizer  will be well enough.

It should have a  lightweight texture, super moisturizing, decongestant, draining,  to keep the eye light and avoid the makeup to migrate. A stable formulation to prevent the progression of the product by capillary action in the direction of the mucosa and of course a good ophthalmic tolerance. For one I use the morning, I chose with reflecting pigments that brings brightness to the eye and is a good makeup base.

✔︎ Tip 3: I apply the eye care with good gesture


The application is just as important as the quality of the product, if you apply it like a gross, you ruined all the benefits of the product. Then the skin is touched with gentle circular movements and pressure points, we put it up to the orbital bone, not nearer it avoids red or swollen eyes. The ring finger is preferred, less strong than the index.

My top list :  Colax Eye Ménard, Soin Concentré Anti-rides StriVectin, Aurealux Eye Gel Dolce & Gabbana, A.G.E Eye Complex Skinceuticals, Tsuya Eyes Shu Uemura.

✔︎ Tip 4: I pampered my eyes area with specific care

To give a real shot at fresh look, every night (well almost ..) I wear for 20 minutes Acuphoria mask.

If my son had not been laughing whenever I wore this mask, I never gave a chance to the product. Admittedly, it's not easy to take a Hello Kitty masked, but the result is there.

The Acuphoria mask stimulates facial muscles, provides deep relaxation, improves blood circulation and prevents wrinkles.

After wearing it is as if we had put our tired eyes on little fluffy clouds...

It works on 3 basic acupressure points:

  • The E2 acupressure point or "white 4" Stimulation of this helps improve the general appearance of the skin, reduces acne and blemishes. It also helps to decongest and brighten the eyes.
  • The E3 acupressure point or "Facial beauty" Gateway that allows qi energy and blood to flow freely and easily, its stimulation improves the facial muscle tone and blood circulation, reducing dark circles and sign of tiredness.
  • Yin Tang acupressure point or "third eye" is located between the eyes. Relaxation point, it calms the mind, fight against sleep disorders and insomnia and reduces stress and anxiety.

The Placentor patches are my SOS product that I used when my eye area is exhausted.

When it's really the disaster or when I have to be on top of my beauty, it's the bomb to knock tiredness and smooth lines. For most assiduous it is also good to make a cure for 15 days.

When I have time and money, I'm going to spoil the contour of my eyes in Un Jour Un Regard, during this one hour treatment, we smooth, we mass, we relaxe the eye area to wake up with a sparkling eyes. You must take Rdv with Sabrina at "La Suite".

And then when it's hopeless we always have the Wonderstripes, the stickers to place in the eyelid crease that lifts the eye such as a good surgery.

Girls What is your ritual for the eyes?

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