Fighting stretch mark

2012 is a nice year for MMB, Alexandra is getting married and for my part I am waiting for a little baby in january013... It was time at 42 years !

The beauty addict, willing victim of the kings of marketing that inhabits me, is coated her body for nearly four months, in case of a nasty stretch marks would spoil the landscape.

I was free of any unpleasant symptoms, nausea, tiredness, cravings, .... However, physically it is not the transformation but the distortion, I think I'm expecting Hulk, then I coat my body to avoid a skin disaster.

I started with huile de massage vergetures de  Weleda, I did not like it. It is too dense, hard to apply and  leaves a greasy film, despite a serious massage, plus the smell is not very pleasant. I know that massage is necessary to combine the effectiveness of the product but when you have the size of the Belle Isle lighthouse at Belle Isle, you are becoming lasy.


So I changed for huile de soin Eucerin, and I love it. It penetrates easily, the smell is delicate and above all it leaves the skin silky smooth, like velvet. Nothing to declare for the stretch marks, since I have not yet, so stay tuned ....

It consists of a selection of natural oils high in essential fatty acids, sunflower, jojoba and almond. It contains vitamin E, a powerful free-radical scavenger.

With regular massage on slightly damp skin preferably, the blood circulation is stimulated and enhanced skin elasticity.


I also really wanted to try Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Oil de Mama Mio and Stretch Mark Oil d'Erbaviva, which I will probably speak in a future post.

And you which great product did you use during your pregnancy?

Pharmacy and Para, about 15 €, the 125 ml bottle.

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