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After two pregnancies in 3 1/2 the years, I found my figure rather quickly without crash diet, nor training of marathonian sport. I am often told that I have of the "luck", but well already on the basis I was not in overweight and at each pregnancy I took an average of 13 kg, which is pretty reasonable.

This "luck" comes from the fact that I always took time to pamper my body, whether it is before/during/after my pregnancies: of Pilates and a regular use of cream. The whole watered with a green and balanced diet .... No miracle solution, just some goodwill.

The good news? I believe that after several pregnancies we are less demanding and it's for the best, because you should not deceive itself, even if we have  the "luck", the body is never completely the same after a baby... The stomach or the hips are more rounded off and breasts are less filled...

What does really matter ? Find a harmonious body, in which you feel good in spite of its small defects.... Take care of the skin so that it is firm in spite of some small curvatures here and there.

So girls, if you just had a baby (and even for the others) here is 3 simple advice to smoothly find your figure back :

ADVICE N°1: make Pilates

At the risk of repeating myself, I recommend to all the future or young moms, sportswomen or not, to make Pilates!

It is an absolute wonderful and quite smooth activity that can be practised without risk during all the pregnancy and so very quickly after the delivery.

Pilates makes work the posture and the in-depth muscles, also allows the body to keep or to acquire a certain tonic effect.

4 hour of Pilates a week would allow to quickly obtain a South American body.

But that is quite utopian, especially when we have very young children at the house...

For my part, it is one o'clock every Monday with Nina in Fontainebleau, and I guarantee you that it is already not bad. She is always hyper sharp in her classes, every time she manages to make me discover a new micro part from my body.

And recently I also started back the yoga, another hour a week! A dynamic Yoga (pretty exhausting) which we practice in the studio with Nelly. We'll talk to you again  very soon on the blog with an interview of our super teacher Valentina.

ADVICE N°2: pamper the skin

An attractive body it is also an attractive smooth and firm skin.

During the pregnancy, we spread cream on our bodies to avoid stretch marks.

And later, we continue!

Especially the second good news is because when you have just delivered, lovely baby sleeps in 80 % of the time. It's thus THE ideal moment to repossess your body by massaging it, by creaming, by oiling... For my part, after Lucien's arrival, I quickly began using the suction cup Cellu-Cup and I have to find that absolutely brilliant to dislodge the accumulated cellulite during the pregnancy.

With this suction cup, we reproduce the technique of rolling massage.

After making sure that the cup is out of air by pinching it, you put it on the area to treat (making sure it has previously been wet with soapy water or oiled  with massage oil). After you release the Cellu-Cup, the pinch of the skin works immediately. And then, we massage by moving the sucker by vertical and horizontal motions. 

For more information, you can check the video on their site.

At the beginning, it hurts as hell, but after few sessions, the skin gets relaxed and the pain as well ;)

I used it on my thighs EVERY evening during my maternity leave and I was impressed by the result.

Concerning the care, I loved the Caudalie Spa Vinothérapie range:

- The slimming dry oil has to be applied every day in circular motions to a wet skin, just after the shower ... We can also help the suction cup to massage. The oil is formulated with a concentration of essential oils (juniper berries, geranium, rosemary, lemongrass, lemon, grape seeds, cypress) to help the silhouette to be refined. A 100 % vegetable origin formula with a pleasant lemon scent.

-The Crushed Cabernet scrub is used twice a week. Even here, there's a natural formula with  crushed grape seeds, mixed with brown sugar, with pure honey of Gironde and with 6 oil anti-orange peel and draining. An exfoliating scrub which leaves the soft and fed, and especially which prepares ideally the skin for an optimal penetration of the oil.

- The Draining organic herbal teas are to be drunk frozen throughout the day (in hot in winter). A mixture of red vineyard, blackcurrant, blueberry, bark of orange tree and cinnamon to drain effectively bad toxins, deflate and make a complexion of doll.

In brief... A winning trio to drain and tone up !

For the breast ladiiiiies , I recommend Tensor serum, concentrated in Collagen, which corrects post-pregnancy stretch marks and plumps back the skin... Knowing that I already think that  the fact of massaging the breast helps a lot.

And finally, to specifically take care of legs, I recommend the White Ginger countering oil. It has a draining action, remodels, tones thanks to the extracts of white Ginger, Rosemary and Cedrol (an alcohol found in essential oil of certain conifers, and which is a powerful venous and lymphatic congestion reliever). And of course thanks to the macadamia oil and the shea oil that make the legs more beautiful. 

It's THE Rolls Royce that combines 4 complementary actions to glow up and enlighten your legs, ideal in this scorching period.


ADVICE N°3: be sold himself of the new lingerie

A mini advice which changes everything... I believe that in 3 years, I must have changed breast cups at least 6 times.  To have 2 or 3 attractive bras that fit us perfectly and emphasize the breast, it is hyper important to feel beautiful, right? Then do not really hesitate to put it a little money and to get good advice from sales assistants.  Future or young moms, I hope that my advice will help you and I wish you a wonderful sunny weekend. On our side, MakeMyBeauty baptizes baby Lucien and we are going to make a big party!

With Love.

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  1. Lucile, le 29 June 2017 à 16h25

    Merci pour ces bon conseils! Je viens d accoucher et c est ma 2ieme grossesse en 2 ans et si je peux aussi faire profiter de mon “expérience ” je dirai: Osteopathe!! La mienne a réussi à me rapprocher les os du bassin donc je peux rentrer dans les jeans. Je fais aussi du LPG ça fonctionne bien. Et puis etre sympa avec soi-même! Notre corps a fait quelque chose de fantastique (et epuisant!) laissons-nous le temps de recuperer 🙂