Frida Kahlo would have been Nars super fan

Frida Kahlo would have been Nars super fan

makeup Nars - Frida Kahlo
I am a great admirer of Frida Kahlo and her work. Influential Mexican painter, rebel, communist, feminist before the time. she has this unique look, known and recognized for her unibrows and mustache. I find her beautiful! A few years ago, I had the pleasure of visiting her museum in Mexico City which was the home she shared with her ??painter husband Diego Rivera.     I must admit that this visit gave me a lasting memory. I was fascinated by the place, the atmosphere, her paintings, her life, her personality ... I was super disappointed to learn that the exhibition dedicated to the work of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera was postponed in October 2013 following the cancellation by the French Government of Mexico Year . So, until I celebrate Frida in my own way and yes I turned my sweet friend Elisabeth in Kahlo. For makeup, I mainly used Nars products and I am sure that this original rebel would have been a fan of this  visionary, colorful and rock'n'roll brand. For eyebrows as a raven wing as she liked to compare it, I sticked  few hairs and accentuated eyebrows color with Mac pencil Stud. I applied the foundation Nars Sheer Glow color Punjab, on the cheeks the blush Exhibit A and on the lips lipstick Heat Wave that I mattified with the above mentioned blush. Elisabeth no makeup.
publié le Monday 9 January 2012 My Beauty Session
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  1. arabelle, le 9 January 2012 à 11h11

    Sublime Elisabeth…

    @ Nelly, c’est Magnifique!

    Mille Baisers à vous.

  2. Nelly C., le 9 January 2012 à 11h16

    Ma douce Arabelle you are back, cela faisait tellement longtemps.
    Ravie de te retrouver.
    J’en profite pour remercier encore une fois Elisabeth qui a accepté de jouer le jeu, de la transformation et de la photo no makeup.
    Mille bisous à vous 2

  3. Vesper L., le 9 January 2012 à 14h31

    superbement original, j’adore !!

  4. Christine O, le 19 January 2012 à 19h26

    Bravo Nel ! C’est magnifique tu connais mon admiration pour les femmes qui ont des convictions…Très bel hommage.

  5. MoucheTseTse, le 16 December 2013 à 14h34

    J’organise un concours pour faire gagner un livre sur Frida Kahlo. Si t’es intéressée, c’est par ici:


    p.s. Très joli look, j’ai envie de tester le look Frida pour l’annonce de la gagnante du concours.