Getting tan like Marie Antoinette by Sisley

Girls I am back, I was not very far, but a move out make me really busy the past weeks. I have not left that the end of the world, I simply moved from 11th to 4th and it is super great. I promise, I make you a review Deco, good addresses and Co., as soon as my new apartment look like Versailles ...

Today  Sisley is twice honored in this blog and I will raise twice and your desire:

1 - Because I'm testing right now SPF which are absolutely fabulous and you know I do not mess with sunbathing.

2 - But mostly because the Sisley-d’Ornano foundation supports Kisany, a Belgian humanitarian project, which provides work for poor inhabitants of Goma, Congo.

Kisany trained as professional embroiders, tailors and weavers vulnerable women who have suffered unspeakable horrors and allows them to aspire to a brighter future for themselves and their families.

I admire the delicacy of their work, I completely fell for the butterfly bed linen and canvas fashion makeup kits.

It reminds me so much my sweat little grandmother who told me:

- "My Girl if you want to be an accomplished woman, you must know embroider, sew and knit."

Unfortunately for her, at 8 years old I was already rebellious and her lesson of well educated woman always ended in fireworks.

Today I regret having driven my sweet grandma mad because I would have loved to be able to embroider as these wonderful women of Goma.

So I take this blog to support via Sisley which give away  a delicately ornate makeup bag for all orders from 180 €.

And if you do not know what to drag in this pretty bag, I have two seasonal products to recommend which are great.

Obviously we will talk about sunscreen and you know I am inflexible on SPF, for two reasons:

- I dream of a porcelain complexion

- The sun is our best friend because you can not live without its light and heat, as our greatest enemy because it can be the cause of premature aging of the skin, age spots and at worst of skin cancer.

However since I am writing in this blog I think I am a little bit more qualify, before I applied the SPF in a massive dose morning, noon and night, 365 days a year and it was not negotiable.

Since I know that their ingredients are not very Catholic for the skin, the body and the environment, I have a lighter sincere routine. So, since 2015, the SPF is from April, only if it is sunny and in winter only in the mountains.

This year my favorite is the Super Soin Solaire SPF50, obviously with maximum sunscreen but also protection against photo-aging (wrinkles, spots, dehydration, sagging skin), a hydrating and nourishing formula.

This fluid penetrates easily without leaving white skin, smells good essential oils and more it does not stings the skin or eyes and does not shine. I do not know about you but sometimes some sunscreens tickled me for a few days and make my eyes cry !!! Probably the chemical they contain ...

Because my skin is enough moisturized, I apply it directly to my serum, instead of my  sincare and that's enough.

To seal my solar neurosis, I ended up with a  Fond de Teint Compact Éclaircissant SPF20, because I hope that both protections add up? !! Besides someone can answer to this?  Superposition of two products containing SPF increases it's protection? I never got a clear answer on this.

I use this  compact in my own way in a very light way to mattify the skin, which I applied with a brush like a powder. It has lightening properties and affects the brightness and uniformity of the complexion and I can stay focused on my milk complexion.

I love this combination of a compact + SPF , I have the feeling of a great protection , without shine and slightly madeup.

Good and then if the SPF does not make you crazy,  you can always put in your Kisany kit, the great Phyto-cernes et Soin Teintée Phyto, , a nice gift ideas for Mothers Day !!!


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