Greek romance with James

Greek romance with James

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When I started thinking about packing for my summer holidays, I realized that myAgarwoud bottle was almost empty. I got it from James. James Heeley. I now know a little bit more James. We had dinner together, drinks and parties. To me he is a magician & a freak, but a good freak: A genius freak/perfume geek.

But back to my packing: no perfume to spend two weeks on one of the smallest island in the little Cyclades. Just impossible!

I started to wonder what smell would please me. What smell would match with the destination? What smell would make me wear perfume when it's 40 degrees and you spend most of your time by the pool in a garden surrounded with aromatics plants?

“Figuier” was the solution!

Not original, but just a simple & essential pleasure when in Greece. Almostevery summer I end up buying it from Dyptique. But this time I wanted something more "funky". How can I explain that… I wanted something less basic with a bit more surprise and construction.

And thinking about perfume construction => I remembered that dinner at home with James. He’s answering my 346 questions about the art of making a perfume. He ended up all this telling me (part) of the construction of his “Menthe Fraîche” fragrance. How he worked on mixing mint with something eIse to reveal it & make the most of it. I was hooked/fascinated/enchanted & scared! His eyes where sparkling when telling how mint reacts and needs to be associated with something else. The guy is mad. Mad about perfume perfection. I loved it it.

That was the magic madness that I needed. I was there. I knew I needed James version of the “Figuier”.

And I was so right! The perfume is just as I wanted.

Let's make everything clear here. You know I kinda hate the flower/fruit/girly territory when it comes to perfume. But... But... Figs, it's different. It's Greece. It's summer. It's pleasure. It matches with your skin when you're sweating (sexy, ok?)

I wore it the entire vacation & I absolutely loved it. The first spray isvery fruity. But then it becomes deeper, more sensual/secret & less evident. Green grass, tea, rhubarb & melon combine with dry grass, white musk and cedar. A Mediterranean grand sensual tour. The Jame’s "je ne sais quoi" that makes you addict to the smell of your skin & clothes even hours after you sprayed the perfume.

This is what I love when it comes to perfume: the remains of the smell and the memories that you secretly associate to them.



Figuier – Eau de Parfum

100ml – 125€ Heeley fragrances are available at  Nose, 20 rue Bachaumont, 75002, Paris

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