How do not ruined your pretty pedicure?

We have all been through it: a pretty pedicure ruined in 2 seconds because no time to let the nail polish dry for 312 hours before returning to normal activity ... very enoying ... I recall the scene: it's the weekend and you finally have time to pamper yourself ... So you start the application of  Dior Riviera nail polish on your toes, a vivid orange vitamin that is perfect in forecasts of summer sandals that await you in the closet since August 2011 ... Your boyfriend just give you an appointment to go to the movies in exactly 1H30 ... and for now, your flip-flops remain nicely in your closet with cute sandals because it's raining cats and dogs(again), and it's not really ready to stop ... it is a disaster .... your nail will never dry enough to support a pair of shoes tightly closed ... The solution? ... because yes, there is a solution  ... A little oil and two sheets of cellophane ... and that's it! We wait a bit as the coating dries anyway (regular time of 45 minutes). Then we apply: 1 - Two drops of oil on each nail 2 - A sheet of cellophane on the toes And voila! You can lace up your sneakers / boots / ballet slippers safely! The varnish will remain intact, without encrusted socks  mark... Still have to explain later to your darling why your feet were wrapped in plastic ... . I discovered this method a few years ago in the U.S. ... all the pedicures practice this method  in order to let you run through the streets of Manhattan after a nail polish. Simple and effective ;-) .... After allowing to dry your nail, apply two drops of oil on each nail, then wrap your toes in cellophane. ..  Put on your socks and shoes and run to join your darling!
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