How to powder

 If at 10 in the morning your makeup went away or if you shine as the lighthouse of Belle Ile for the lunch, no wonder, you probably do NOT apply powder on your foundation !!

It is you girls who have inspired me that post. Many women I meet in beauty session avoid powdering, and it is clear that we are not far from a cosmetic-disaster.

You seem to ignore Girls, however powder is a key step of makeup, which allows:

★ Matify and  removing all shiny areas

★ Set the makeup and avoid it to move or turn away during the day

★ Make the makeup touch proof  (you can touch the skin without transfer and without removing the makeup)

Caution do not powder as a truck driver! Indeed, there are rules to ensure a velvet complexion:

First, we choose the best powder on the market that should be extremely thin and transparent.

The MMB top selection :

- Caron Loose powder : ultra fine with absolutely divine smell of roses, reminiscent of rice powder of our grandmothers, and with antiseptic virtues.

- Loose Powder Sisley: light as a veil,  its packaging is super convenient. One word it's sublime.

- Loose Powder Shiseido: same, ulta thin and perfectly transparent.

- Finishing Powder RMS Beauty: super fine, blur the pores perfectly and we love its green formulation green without talc, silicone, fragrance or paraben.

- Soft velvet loose powder Nars: extremely fine too, available in different shades.

And for those who travel, to bring from far away, because not available in France:

- Face powder Clé de peau: again super thin and ultra luminous

You understood, an air powdering must be done with  loose powder, a brush, and delicacy.

1. First, draw a small amount of powder with the tip of the brush.

2. Then tap the handle upright on a table to drag the powder into the brush hair ... it will release the right amount of product during application.

poudre - makemybeautygif pinceau poudre

3. Then, touch the skin, starting with the middle area (this is where is located the lighthouse of Belle Ile) and ending with the contours. Repeat the operation if necessary.

Note: For a silky and glowy finish , you can custom the application, keeping  areas where we will little or not using powder (the top of the cheekbones, the center of the forehead or bridge of the nose, for example) to create light points in contrast with the mat finish of the rest of the face.


Do not rub the brush into the skin it will move the foundation products applied before, selecting a suitable brush. Attention short hair brushes dedicated the sun powder does not work, they are too rigid and will remove the work of the complexion.

Personally, I use the Nars Yachiyo Kabuki  is absolutely fantastic! Needless to say that this is a treasure of my  of  my brushes kit.

The Sephora No. 31 is not bad also. In the photo below I use Shiseido I do not speak about it because it is not available in France but it is also great.

nelly - chatagnon - makemybeauty

For a more sophisticated makeup or oily skin that requires more mat finish, enlarged pores and which need to be blurred, it's better to powder with puff.

1. Take a small amount of powder from the case  with the puff.

To keep a light hand, you can also take the powder from the lid in which you have previously pour a mini quantity.

2. Then crush the powder in circular motions on the back or in the palm of the hand to refine the grain and remove excess.

_MG_07077Gif houpette poudre

3. Press the puff gently on the skin of the face, starting from the center finishing with the contours. Sweep the excess powder with a clean brush if necessary.

nelly - chatagnon - poudre - libre

Do not be frightened by the freeze appearance  may have the makeup after being powdered. In the half hour after application, the natural skin oils rise to the surface and the powder blends with the skin.

You can also spray a mineral water or beauty water to remove the excess.

Oh yes! And compact powder you will ask? We keep it for touch ups throughout the day. And if you use it instead of loose powder, you will not go to hell but the result will be less delicate.

So if your makeup go away, POWDER?  I'm sure it will be less nomadic.

Girls I am waiting  your feedback!

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