I want a glowing skin like a movie star!

I want a glowing skin like a movie star!


Everyone talks about Cannes... So we also write a special post made in star ...

Glowing and flawless skin... Not a slightest sign of tiredness, but s....! How are doing the stars to be so radiant on the red carpet?

Of course, they pass through the "detox" diet based on vegetables and fruit program to eliminate all the bad and grey toxins ... But honestly, I'd rather to not speak about it because this kind of practice should be recommended and monitored by a specialist in nutrition that I'm not ...

Of course, some goes also through the "botox" ... Super effective because nothing is sagging anymore, I promise! ... But I also rather to not talk about you, I hate it so much!!!

However, I can tell you about a beauty secret, it's still in my skills ...

Radiant lift vials, you know? They are mega used by actresses to be ready for "la montée des marches"...

This is (most of the rest) a great way to revitalize your skin and erase signs of tiredness in record time.

Personally I have always some in my makeup kit, ideal for creating an immediate tightening effect ... because on tired skin, makeup  never stay long ... Then apply the radiant lift vial before making the makeup, the skin become smooth in a few minutes, like "supported" by an invisible film ... then it's more easy to work the complexion ...

The lasts vials I used and I L-O-V-E-D for their stunning effect are the Éclat vials from Opale, the hyper luxury Monegasque brand that combines natural ingredients and advanced technology ...

Their composition?

They contain smooth and lightweight gel lotion made of :

  • AHA to activate cell renewal and regeneration of elastin and collagen tissue.
  • Raspberry extract, an high power antioxidant that fights against fatigue and strengthens and improves the resistance of small blood vessels in the skin.
  • Oat extract that forms a viscoelastic film on the skin with a visible and immediate tightening effect ...

How do we use them?

One vial just before makeup, for immediate radiance ...

Personally, I prefer to apply it after the moisturizer to keep the optimum tightening effect.

On combination to oily skin, it is almost useless to put the cream before.

So broke the vial, pour the contents into the palm of the hand, apply the first half all over the face and the neck by doing small pats with fingers,

then apply the second half focusing on critical areas (nasolabial fold, eye area, frown lines ... etc ...).


.To increase the effect, radiant vials can also be used  for five day intensive treatment to give some vitality and reshape the skin deeply and be on top the D day. .. I am thinking of brides who have dull skin after many months of preparation ....

Otherwise, if your bank account allows, you can also go for 4 days Bride cure on SHA spa in Alicante ... for two persons, all-inclusive, it's about 6000 € ...

So what??


Eclat d'Opale - Instant lift - 5 breakable vials -  59€


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  1. Beauté des Fées, le 23 May 2013 à 12h23


    Les ampoules coup d’éclat sont tops ! Je fis justement un soin du visage demain et je m’en sers ! Je l’applique sous le masque au collagène, effet garantie !

    Je ne connaissais pas cette marque, merci d’en avoir parlé !

    A bientôt

  2. Alexandra B., le 25 May 2013 à 10h23

    @beaute des fées
    Je t’en prie!
    Tu utilises lesquelles toi?
    Une méthode d’application à nous conseiller?
    Merci et bon week end!

  3. eve B., le 29 May 2013 à 16h57

    je ne connaissais que les ampoules coup d’éclat achetées en pharmacie (labo Asepta); et je vais essayer ces ampoules éclat d’Opale. chères mais sûrement plus performantes! je vous recontacterai pour vous informer du résultat…Merci pour l’info et toutes vos vidéos si précieuses
    pour nous faire avancer dans le domaine de la beauté!

  4. Hélène Ma Féerie, le 5 June 2013 à 20h41

    Je voulais justement vous envoyer un mail pour vous demander un produit miracle (j’ai oublié cet après midi) . Je pense que je vais essayé ces petites ampoules miracles.Dois-je toujours appliquer une base après l’ampoule ?
    Encore merci pour tous vos conseils.

  5. Alexandra B., le 13 June 2013 à 10h38

    @Chère Hélène
    Pour le jour J, J’appliquerai d’abord la base et ensuite l’ampoule pour garder son effet tenseur!;)
    à très vite!

  6. Ann, le 14 June 2013 à 04h34

    Niceee perso tout ce qui est petit et concentré me passionne 😀 j’aime tlm les sérums et j’aime surtout les résultats! Comme on dit dans les petits pots les meilleurs ongants! Et c’est souvent vrai…