Intense Eyebrows

It's fall! The trend this season is thick and structured eyebrows ... Although we had already noticed for a while on the catwalk  ;)

What? Your eyebrows are fine ? You have not had the chance to be born with  Lily Collins's eyebrows? ?

We have to find a solution girls... Or at least stop to over use  the tweezers !

Do not panic, our  dearest brand, have concocted a range of super pro products to intensify the keystones of our eyes :

 Nars Eyebrow Pencils Perfector . 4 colors available . The finish is natural, and the retractable mine is very convenient.

 Nars Eyebrows stained gel . 4 colors available + 1 transparent . The brush is very precise , only one coat is enough .

Shiseido Compact palette eyebrow creator  . 3 colors available . They have a dual applicator tips + a duo shadows : a clear to the inner corner of the eyebrow,  a darker to intensify the center of eyebrows

Launch September 9.


So what do we do with all this?

. → We start by brush up with a small brush which opens the eyes ... We can better identify the sparse areas, small holes or asymmetries.




. → Then we give some body with a pencil or shadow following the natural curvature of the eye.

We proceed by small steps , be very light, starting from the inner corner of the eyebrow ... intensified more in the center of eyebrows ( at the " break " ) . Brush again to smudge the line in the natural eyebrow .


→ And finally, the intensify with a layer of colored gel ( also very convenient to hide white hairs )

or just with a transparent fixing gel .



And here ... BEFORE

And AFTER ...

The trick is to intensify without hardening the look ...

So FORGET ON BLACK ebony pencil or shadow to draw eyebrows !

Better to choose the following hue :

Blond or dark blond for light blond to dark blonde hair .

Light brown or medium brown for light brown to brown hair .

Brown to dark brown for black hair .


In the photos , I used the Perfecteur de Sourcils Nars Kalamata et le Gel teinté Piraeus Nars....


... So , ready to get perfect eyebrows ? Come on! A little effort ! It's so pretty beautiful eyebrows, right?

crayons Perfecteur Sourcils Nars + gels teintés Sourcils Nars


Palettes Compact Créateur sourcils Shiseido - Launch September 9.

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