Interview Joëlle Ciocco, épidermologue

I had the pleasure of interviewing the great popess of the skin and the guarantor of the skin heritage of film and fashion, Mrs Joëlle Ciocco ..!

Hey ! yes, Joëlle Ciocco pampers the skin of our beautiful in her salon in the Place de la Madeleine.

.Do not imagine landing in a beautician salon  because for her this business would need a good refresher.

Meet Joelle Ciocco is entering the world of high cosmetic, and believe me, for a beauty addict, it's a real sweet.

She learned me  many exciting things, but it has also debunked some of my beauty beliefs (go below for a detailed report).

She first explained her function and role of épidermologue, whose profession she is also the creator.

The épidermologue is a therapist from the scientific world (nurse, doctor ,..), it is at this point so precise that beauticians can hang up their aprons ...

épidermologue = epidermis + logue = logic of the epidermis

It will decrypt the identity of your epidermis,  the genetic memory of skin to make ultra-precise diagnosis and targeting needs and deficiencies of the skin. Considering:

- intrinsic factors (genetics, age, sex, etc ....). - extrinsic factors (environment, occupation, etc...).


The épidermologue make a synthesis of all these tests and will bring a protocol and product use taking account of which are the client requirements.

This diagnosis is like a bag of clothes for the skin that will respect, protect and supplement gently by understanding their genetics and memory.


To make it clear, use inappropriate cosmetic it is like to take a suitcase with summer clothes to winter sports !


She also explained why choose cosmeceuticals.

The cosmeceutical cosmetics is a bit more medicalized, a combination of organic materials associated with passage of the product technologies such as ceramides, spherulites.

This is what we call clever emulsions. The active product is best conveyed, so it goes deeper and it is dangerously effective.


Joëlle Ciocco message: treat the facial skin like a fragile organ that must be respected and treated with care.

1 - Respect the evening cleaning the critical step for healthy skin

2-Use products tailored to its needs and deficiencies

3-Use maximum sun protection


Finally I got my personalized diagnosis.

Then I learned:

- That my skin was oily and combination skin that did not exist, they are dry or oily, debunking No. 1.

However, my skin was very thin, delicate and pretty. YESSSS, JC is telling me I have nice skin, I exult .....


- Check the second debunking, I would say atomiquage : she tells me that my cleanser is terrible for my skin and she proved  it by A + B. ...Which I have cherished for years, convinced of its effectiveness.

She proposes instead a cleansing milk in pharmacy (I hate), on the sudden I say I don't care and  I will change nothing.


- But also, she tells me that I must stop this little foam scrub that I use every morning, because in fact it destroys the natural protection of my skin (= the hymen) and that's if I left "naked", says Mrs. JC ... unbolting number 3.


- To be protected effectively, it is essential to use sun protection 50. It is preferable to apply a high protection factor once than a low several times, because after all,  SPF contains chemicals not great for the skin.

Therefore you should clean the skin 2 times when using an SPF to rid it of little horrors mentioned above.

She advised me to choose my sun pharmacy as authorizations on the market and the specifications are more demanding.


To conclude, she has ultra-simplified my routine care and add some food supplements.


I of course strictly applied all recommendations, even though I was very upset to change my habits and to stop my experiments.

The results were not immediate but about two months after my skin was glowing. It was as if I had swallowed a light bulb, my skin was bright from the inside.


If you wish to make a gift to your skin, treat yourself to a session with Joëlle Ciocco.

Joëlle Ciocco is also a dangerously effective skincare line !

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