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It's been weeks that I want to write this post ... But time is going so quick, especially since the arrival of my baby Léa. Before I had time to read ELLE, going shopping, spend time in the bathroom ... the time to concentrate on myself ... But that was before .. . Today I focus more on my little princess, and God knows she worth it ... but I run also between shootings, the MMB studio, shopping, cleaning, pediatrician ... and I could go on ... the mornings begin with a bang, the evening ends on the ball ... If you're a mom and you read this post ... I know YOU know what I mean! Personally I've been so tired the months following  Léa's birth  that I followed gastro, engines, laryngitis, and back pain at least three times ... Not to mention a small baby blues ... and yes I do! Uh ... Reassure me ... it's happened to you? Today my Léa is 7 months and everything goes perfectly.Well I still do not have time to relax at the spa  for hours ( it is that the woman's life, no ;-)) however I have a beauty rescue bag full of must have to feel good every day. You will find the  Géranium Odorata by Diptyque, the patchs Benefiance by Shiseido, the Photo-Hydra Sérum by Talika and the Shu Uemura sparkling mask ... It''s a very luxurious  kit... Yes I know ... But it is very effective product to make me feel good physically and mentally! And that is worth all the gold in the world! ❤︎ Géranium Odorata by Diptyque is a floral water  subtly woody which is delights me every day ... You should know that I am an unconditional of woody scents, I wear Féminité du bois  by Serge Lutens and Epic d'Amouage.. Géranium Odorata is composed of geranium from  Egypt and Reunion, as well as Bergamot, Green Cardamom, Cedar, Tonka Bean and Pink Pepper ... The fragrance is both fresh, delicate and spicy. In the morning it makes me sparkle, in the evening it calms me ... Diptyque Thank you for making me discover this little marvel perfect for summer. .Masque-yeux-benefiance-shiseido❤︎ The Benefiance  Mask by Shiseido  are "magic" patches with Retinol which smoothes and refresh the eye contour. Careful, they really have no effect on under eye bag, however they blurre wonderfully dark circles and wrinkles. In one week treatment, they allow to find a refreshed look ... and it immediately becomes much easier to put on makeup!   sérum-talika-phyto-hydra-sérum❤︎ The Photo-Hydra Sérum by Talika is a moisturizing serum full of  hyaluronic acid acting on the surface of the skin but also deeply. For the record, the first time I tried it was in May, I had an acute laryngitis. My skin was tired and very dehydrated  (it usually goes hand in hand). Upon application, this serum made ​​me relive! My features were smoothed and repulsed instantly , I felt radiant where as initially I was terrible! Let me tell you that this little blue bottle caught my attention, and now it will not leave me! Especially in the summer, because I particularly appreciate is fine texture that penetrates in a wink.   masque-éclaircissant-pétillant-shu-uemura ❤︎ The sparkling and lightening mask by Shu Uemura  this is my beauty must have discovery of the year! I L.O.V.E IT! It strips off dull skin in 10 minutes, using a formula rich in C02 that promotes microcirculation. Its whipped texture is fun,  sparkle when applied onto the skin, that awakens the senses and complexion ... His little +: you do not necessarily need to rinse it because it also acts as a powerful moisturizer. His big +: it brings an immediate glow but also acts in the long term; When used regularly for a month, we finally found our healthy look before baby! You'll understand: a 10/10 for this mask! . Ok, I'll stop there ... I told enough for this long weekend. And you girls, What Makes You Feel Good? Do you have one or more favorite beauty products that put you in a good mood?  
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