Green map-up #5

Green map-up #5

Je me maquille green - Alexandra bonelli

Finally a new green makeup article green, it's been a moment since it's in the pipes, photos were made with Claire before summer holidays... Yes I know I put a mohair cardigan but it was a particularly wet and rainy day.

I wanted to show you again a look with Kjaer Weis of which I already talked about not the blog.... Moreover for those who don't know it, I invite you to read my old article where I describe there in detail benefits and particularities of this attractive organic brand.

This time it's a " make up one the go ", a fast make-up to be realized for rush mornings... Everything plays on a nicely unified complexion and soft and vaporous eyelids.

This makeup test was interesting in the sense where that day, I was particularly tied with ultra sensitive skin.. A little challenge to cover it all with a few brush strokes.

For this on-the-go make-up, I applied :

The Silken crème de teint


It is the cream foundation which I already used in my first article on Kjaer Weis, this time I combined it with The Beautiful Oil face oil, a luxurious elixir moisturizing which is soothing, regenerating and anti aging. It suits to all types of skin, even mixed and sensitive. This care is also perfect as a make-up base because it penetrates fastly and it smooths the skin at the application.

I found that it was the ideal combo with the cream de teint for  a less powdery finish... That day there I wished rather "Glow" because my tired skin was particularly very dehydrated.

I applied the cream of teint with the foundation brush 128 from MAC Cosmetics after having massaged my face with The Beautiful Oil.

On the photo above you can see the result with the left side which has make-up on and the right side that hasn't. And as you can notice, the Oil + Crème de teint combo stuck to his pledge, the redness is blurred and the skin becomes smooth and luminous.. yet It wasn't easy.

I didn't apply powder in order to keep the glow..

The Pretty Purple eyeshadow 

This one I applied it on the lower lash line to smoothly intensify the eye look. And according to the brand creator, "this purple brings a magnificent depth to the eye".


The Cloud Nine eyeshadow

It's a light ivory that I applied as a highlight on the brow bone.

I then finished the make-up with an RMS Beauty mascara on the upper lashes.


 The Desired Glow cream blush 

Applied in the most simplest way in the world: the finger.

It's a "look good" shade that illuminates all the dull faces.

It bronze the cheekbones for a "back from holidays" look that we all love.IMG_5539

And I finished the look with clear shade that brings up the natural color of the lips, the Passionate lipstick.

IMG_5540 054A2002

Voilà for the easy make-up idea that will fit the majority of you.

I wish you a wonderful end of the week.


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  1. Wouou, le 13 October 2017 à 19h21

    Super ton maquillage très frais et très lumineux, merci pour ce makeup green, si tu as envie de partager tes articles pour qu’ils soient plus vus, tu peux t’inscrire sur !

  2. Pauline, le 28 October 2021 à 11h22

    Super article, félicitation ! Votre maquillage est très beau et raide à réaliser. Merci beaucoup pour cette idée de make up green. Je me permets de vous partager cet article, qui m’a beaucoup servi quand je me suis lancé dans le maquillage bio :
    N’hésitez pas à y jeter un coup d’œil 😊