We are a few days away from the Valentine's Day and as every year, it is me the employee for this subject.

Nelly being a bit allergic to this celebration, the writing and the organization of the Valentine's Day at MMB returns to me in fact. Although you will cross her certainly in the next blogpost and believe me, you'll love it.

This year I wanted the Valentine's Day generous :

- So there will be several appointments for this week here and on our Instagram account with a great number of surprises ...

- To begin the festivities I thought of La Bouche Rouge … If you do not know this magnificent brand of lipstick, here is the opportunity yet to discover it in detail and if you have the courage to read this post till the end you will be rewarded.

- Finally, I convinced my dear partner Nelly to:

1-to wear a red lipstick ( big challenge)

2-to pose in front of the lens

But I also succeeded to involve Janudi, our great intern!!!!

At this stage, I can already congratulate myself, right?

I am finally not alone anymore to stuck my neck out to celebrate this famous love feast, and that's fine !

And, I don't know for you, but I find them gorgeous Nelly and Janudi with their attractive vermilion mouth.


But let us return to La Bouche Rouge.

Why did this new brand of lippies make us totally crazy in love?

The mark has a ultra eco-responsible concept 

And it is doubtless the most important point in my opinion, because to choose a La Bouche Rouge lipstick is to choose to consume make-up in a much more cleaner way.

Let me explain : 

The lipstick La Bouche Rouge is set with a high French leather refillable case .

At the time of your first purchase, you invest in a box which contains:

A rechargeable leather case 


A color refill

Afterward, you only buy the refill of your choice.

We love it, don't you ?


The formulas are out of crappy components that ruin health.

Pas d'allergens, no polyethylene, no polypropylene and no polyoxyméthylènede, no polyméthacrylate, methyl, BHT... Nor even perfume.

And yes, the beautiful is compatible with the good!

Besides the beauty of the overstitch leather case of one of the most prestigious tanneries of France, the range of shades is stunning!

Available today

8 Tints of Matt red or Satin (including 2 created by the top model Anja Rubik)


3 tints of Lip balms

To give you an overview,

Nelly wears the shade WR03 Regal Red,

an ultra bright mat geranium red 


.Janudi wears the shade WR06 Nude Red,

A silky fall red, deep and brown



Et me, I'm wearing the WR02 Passionnante Red,

A mat red is meant to evoke the natural color of the lips during a passionate moment !


You can personnalised your case with your initials... Ans that, it is so chic! On top of that, it's offered it's on the house ;)


The image, the concept, the shades, the lasting...

In brief everything is stunning and simply gives another vision of lipstick that we completely want to adopt but also to make you adopt.

So, are you ready?

For the Valentine's Day, we offer you to win a case with the shade of your choice which can be personalized by your initials!

To play, it is simple, you only have to leave to us a few words in the thread of comments below, and tell us in few lines why you like wearing lipstick.

We'll select our favorite answer, the one that have made us cry or sing or laugh or dream  the most... And The winner will be announced right here on Friday at noon.







Because other surprises are yet to come ! 

054A7685Photos by Claire Guillon

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  1. beauty write for us, le 22 January 2019 à 11h58

    nice shades… thanks for shearing this pics…