L'art du soin by Diptyque

L’art du soin by Diptyque

Have you seen there's going to be a new baby at MMB? And do you know what? I already know what this cute baby is going to be called … But obviously I can't tell you at the risk of being crucified by the beautiful expectant mother. The only thing I can tell you is that all 3 of MMB's children's first names have something in common!!!!

While we are waiting for the end of May to find out what the Divine Child will be called, we are going to put the "b" in beauty with this second special about beautiful skin;

I imagine that the latest enquiry published about substances for concern in cosmetics, as well as the one on baby care products have really freaked you out.

But calm down, it's no good going on a guilt trip and giving yourself an ulcer, it's just time to change your beauty routines and don't worry, we have lots of tips that have been tried and tested by the great goddess.

In the spotlight today is L'art du soin by Diptyque… yes, that's right, the same people who make the candles, and you'll see that they take as much care with their pots of cream as they do when creating their famous candles.

This line of beauty products is delicious. The company has been largely inspired by their experience as perfumers and the traditions of perfume making. The ingredients are infused slowly and the plants are gently distilled to create delicate face care.

And believe me, it works!

They're not making any promises of eternal youth or miracle changes, just the assurance of a healthy skin because all their formulae are natural and free of phthalates, parabens, artificial colors, TEA, DEA, PEG, PPG, silicon, aluminum, sulfates, mineral oils … which must be reassuring to readers after last weekend's articles.


So, let's begin with make-up removal, the essential step for top-class skin.

The  Nourishing Cleansing Balm ,is just to die for. The geranium and rose perfume is addictive, but it also removes your make-up in a single wipe, even if its waterproof.

The wax turns oily when it touches your skin and then becomes a milky emulsion when you add water.

I like to massage it carefully over my skin and then rinse with lots of water and a muslin cloth. I repeat the process for a thorough cleansing.

The texture caresses the skin leaving a soothing film which means those of you who favor "less is more" don't need to apply anything else. It's perfect for pampering your skin in winter, and can also be used as a mask.

The almond oil softens, nourishes, calms and regenerates. The ylang-ylang wax is refreshing. The mimosa is softening and

the geranium is astringent…

The Radiance Boosting Powder is another cleansing step. The ultra fine powder becomes a light foam on contact with water and the foam ball sold with it. It deep cleanses, removing impurities and making your skin radiant.

Massage the foam delicately on your face and then rinse with water and a muslin cloth.

It can be used alone or after the Nourishing Cleansing Balm, in which case it will remove the Balm's protective film so I recommend you hydrate afterwards.

The white clay purifies and remineralizes the skin, and the powdered rose, jasmine and orange flower petals soften and soothe. Its cocktail of vitamins, ECA and trace minerals revitalize dull, tired skin. And, of course, it smells divine.

Try Infused Facial Water, and you will become completely addicted. This beneficial water soothes the skin and prepares it for the rest of your care routine. But not just that, you can also use it for foaming the Radiance Boosting Powder to step-up its effects, or put a few drops into the Multi-Use Exfoliating Clay to give it super powers. And if you don't like water and have a Kardashian sized budget, it's perfect for rinsing off your cleansing products.

Infused Facial Water is full of vitamins, minerals, and hydrating agents, but is also made of Damask Rose hydrosol and an infusion of nasturtiums which will revive, hydrate and tone your skin.


The Multi-Use Exfoliating Clay  is somewhere between an exfoliant and a mask, and can be used like both:

Massage the cream onto damp skin for a soft, light exfoliation which will brighten the skin, or leave a thicker layer on for 10 to 15 minutes for all the benefits of a purifying mask! Rinse with water and a muslin cloth

It is enriched with powdered marble whose extra fine particles make it gentle to use, kaolin to remineralize, cleanse and purify, and rice and oat powders to soften.

And finally there is the Protective Moisturizing Lotion which hydrates and protects the skin from external aggression.

It is perfect in summer because it is extremely light, and for skins that need a little extra comfort, it can be applied before cream to moisturize the skin. It leaves the skin velvety but be careful because sometimes it can texturize when you apply foundation.

The combination of Damask Rose hydrosol infused with extracts of Madonna lily and calendula hydrate, calm, soften… The grape extracts brighten the skin and help with pigmentation. Diptyque's L'art du soin is addictive and we often recommend it during our workshops because the collection is simple, sexy, very effective and smells divine.

I have a good news for the one who wish try this cosmetics line, Diptyque is offering a travel set Art du Soin for the face for whom's buying a skincare product.

Until March 6th  eshop diptyqueparis.fr

I still have a little secret, a new product will be launched in September, but I can not reveal it yet... but surely you will love it.

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  1. Candice, le 25 February 2016 à 10h50

    Parfait! J’utilise deja le voile protecteur. J’aimerais essayer donc la pommade demaquillante. Y a t-il un cose MMB pour l’achat en ligne pour bénéficier de ce privilège? Merci

  2. Nelly C., le 25 February 2016 à 11h10

    Bonjour Candice, non il n’y pas de case spécial MMB pour cette offre. Belle journée Nelly

  3. Margo, le 25 February 2016 à 12h09


    L’offre du set de voyage offert est elle valable en boutique?
    et sinon comment faire en ligne?
    merci !!!

  4. Colette D, le 25 February 2016 à 12h10

    Merci pour ce bel article, c’est encore une très belle découverte !

  5. Nelly C., le 25 February 2016 à 12h18

    @Margo il y a aussi une jolie offre en boutique valable jusqu’en avril un produit l’art du soin visage est offert contre l’achat d’un produit de soin.
    En ligne l’ajout du set de voyage ce fait automatiquement quand vous sélectionnez un produit l’art du soin.
    Belle journée

  6. lucile, le 25 February 2016 à 15h31

    Bonjour Nelly,

    merci pour cet article rassurant… Effectivement les récentes révélations sur certaines marques cosmétiques qui se présentent comme naturelles sont déstabilisantes… et moi qui venais de me refaire une routine chez Caudalie : je suis verte !
    Alors je me permets une question délicate : que pensez- vous de tout cela ?

    Encore merci pour votre blog si pro et rafraichissant !

  7. malvina, le 25 February 2016 à 22h26

    Article très complet, ça donne vraiment envie de les tester. Conseilles tu la gamme pour les peaux sèches et sensibles?

  8. Sophie, le 26 February 2016 à 02h09

    Bonjour Nelly!

    Merci pour cet article pleine de découvertes!

    Ces produits me donnent vraiment envie et en plus ils paraissent très sain!

    Alors encore merci! 😀

  9. Nelly C., le 26 February 2016 à 18h16

    @lucile je pense qu’il faut être vigilantes et concernées par la proposition du marché et qu’il faut consommer différemment afin de sensibiliser les marques afin qu’elles changent la composition de leur produit.
    aujourd’hui il y a bcp trop de monde qui tire la sonnette d’alarme pour minimiser la réalité.
    J’ignore à quel point ces produits sont nocifs, je ne suis pas assez expertes en biologie, chimie et en formulation mais pour voir échanger avec différents experts je pense que “think clean, green and éthique” n’est pas un mauvais choix.

  10. lucile, le 26 February 2016 à 19h24

    Merci beaucoup pour votre réponse 😉
    Effectivement à nous d’être vigilants bien que les tentations soient parfois fortes ….

  11. Ariane, le 18 March 2016 à 13h13


    je suis très fidèle à votre blog, j’adore! Je suis vraiment tentée entre Dyptique et Lodesse… Je ne sais vraiment pas quoi choisir, les deux marques me tentent grave! Aaaaah c’est cornélien… J’ai la peau fine et sensible et mixte, avec des petites imperfections régulièrement. Et depuis que je l’hydrate bien ça va beaucoup mieux, elle graisse vraiment moins! Je démaquille au lait everclam de REN, j’ai aussi le nettoyant grown alchemist gel et je mets la crème hydratante complément nutritionnel de REN qui est topissime, celle de grown alchemist hydra repair aussi est top mais plus pour l’été 🙂

    Bref, c’est un investissement ces deux marques là, et je ne sais laquelle (je veux les deux!!)
    En fait en vous écrivant je me rends compte qu’il faut que j’essaie les deux l’une après l’autre ;-))

  12. Ariane, le 18 March 2016 à 16h14


    J’ai fais des recherches et il est dit sur beauté test qu’il y a du phenoxyethanol dans l’eau infusée.. C’est très toxique….