Le Bon Marché new beauty space

Le Bon Marché new beauty space

Espace beauté Bon Marché nail berry

You know I adore beautiful beauty addresses and they are rare in Paris, there is obviously Oh My Cream and Nose which we often wrote about in this blog and we suradore.

And since few weeks there is the new  beauty space  of Le Bon Marché, that I suradore too, I am super happy about  this new space because the cosmetic brand choice was  a little classic. Although there was our top selection Nars, Laura Mercier, Tom Ford, Santa Maria Novella and so on ... it lacked these niche brands, ultra hype with beautiful ethical that the beautystas we are, are craving for it.

makemy beauty - le bon marché

In this sublime choice there are things which we have already told you but we brought back from our trips abroad; so it's cool to have them at home. But I had also a huge crackings for small wonders which I will probably soon write about it:

♥ The green nail polish Nailberry's with it's fantastic color range

♥ The absolutely so lovely Papers  May Couture infused with blush, highlighter or fondation

♥ Prtty Peaushun, gourds of fondation  to starring our legss

♥ The Kiwabi color infused brush to hide the white hair roots

Le Bon Marché has a special place in my heart: I discovered by reading Au Bonheur des Dames, reading that rock my teens, but I also have some happy professionals memories, so I'm super excited to this new place that you will see is great.

I will not be disappointed if MMB planned a nice collab with the BM, Petite Epicerie Beauté .. Mr Boucicaut if you hear me !!!

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  1. deltreylicious, le 22 July 2015 à 10h17

    Ca a l’air sympa !

  2. Lisa, le 13 August 2015 à 11h38

    Je veux y aller absolument !