Le pouvoir du packaging

Le pouvoir du packaging

Shampoing - L'Oréal - Ever- seelk
This week end not a drop of shampoo left at home, so I'm going to the Monop at the corner to stock up ... I do not know about you, but I have really struggling to stick myself to a shampoo ...I always must test a new one... Maybe because I have not found the good one?? (Let's be clear here, I am just talking about shampoo ...). First reaction: para-pharmacy department ... pfff ... always the same ... nothing new ... nothing attracts me ... already tried them all ... OK, let's go to the retail department (no no ... I'm not refractory ... there is some good to take  everywhere) My eye are searching : "this one, I know it already... this one, I don't like it ... This one, I don't like it anymore ... that one, I like it but I want to try another thing... (9:22, I need to hurry up because I'll be late for my appointment with my friend Wahib) "Well .... it's beautiful ?!?!? It shines, what is it? L'Oréal Sleek Ever ..." "Ouaaaa! She has beautiful hair, the girl in the picture *  , all smooth and silky ...." "Ouaaa, it looks great ... this shampoo is without sulfate or Silicone !..." "€ 8.95 ..." (Oh yes still!) OK ... 9:25 ...no more time, I buy it... And this is how they got me like a beginner, in 3 minutes ... L'Oreal Congratulations ! I will test it today and will come back to you to let you know if this men shampoo is the one of my life .... Have a good August 15th;) * The girl in question is Ms. Lopez ... 28 years ... euh ... 41 years ...


publié le Monday 15 August 2011 My Beauty Tests
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  1. Eve B., le 15 August 2011 à 19h23

    On attend le résultat avec impatience;mais je sens que cela risque d’être concluant!

  2. Alexandra B., le 16 August 2011 à 23h29

    Et bien Oui, j’ai en effet testé Ever sleek hier… pas mal du tout, du coup j’ai acheté l’après shampoing…
    Je reviens très vite pour faire un feed back;)

  3. shaymine, le 23 November 2011 à 00h32

    super ces produits je les adore maisje n ai pas toutes la gamme car j ai commandai a amazon bref moi qui a des cheveux rebelles et tous frisoti en un eclair j ai lissai mes cheveux magnifique merci l oreal depuis le temps que je cherchais des produits sans silicones et sans sulfates

    bravo l oreal et j attends de trouver et tester le serum ! pourvu qu on le trouve dans plus de magasin certain monoprix ne l ont pas!