Magicstripes, a lifting without surgery...

Magicstripes, a lifting without surgery…


20, 30, 45, 58 years regardless of age, the drooping eyelid is unfortunately not reserved only for elderly. For us, "the no lower eyelid"  structured makeup  or pretty 50's eyeliner are forbiden, because most of the work is hidden under the heap of flesh. So we are bluffing, the makeup is concentrated in the lashes line to emphasize the eyes.

You feel me coming ... and yes I have a super great thing and without scalpel, the absolutely fabulous Magicstripes are small stickers that defy the laws of gravity and lift the eyes in 20 seconds. They lift the eyelid, and suddenly they illuminate the eyes.

Easy to apply hyper, can makeup over without a problem and it does not move during the day.

nelly - avant  nelly - chatagnon -après

I let you admire the before / after crazy, right?

Nelly - chatagnon - magcstripes  nelly - chatagnon - makemybeauty

An eye yes, an eye no, it's mad isn't?

The Magicstripes must be applied in the eyelid crease, on a clean skin and free of skincare or makeup. To locate the eyelid crease, you must put your head back and put the tape where the skin forms a fold.

They come in different sizes to choose depending how the skin fall. More it falls, the more the band is wide.

magicstripes - makeup  makemybeauty - magicstripes

We make up over delicately, to avoid moving the stickers. The foundation or eyelid primer must be applied by, do not into the skin the products, then gently smudged the eyeshadow.

Are you tempted by the  Magicstripe do not you think this thing is crazy ?

I'm totally addicted.

Thank you to my dear Julie from Out of the woods, for photos.

publié le Friday 17 October 2014 Tips & Tricks