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Because it's time to tell you everything, but because I want to say a little bit more about me ... MakeMyBeauty was the beginning of many things for me ... The beginning of new professional and friendly adventures ... The beginning of a new approach to beauty ... The beginning of a new way of loving my job ... But also, I want to say especially, the trigger for a big Love Story ... No, for once  I'm not going to share my excitement for a new makeup product but rather tell you a little cute secret cute lurking in the very heart of this blog and that changed my life, pardon "overwhelm" my life; a little secret that may, without MakeMybeauty, would not have the same flavor ... For reminder, Nelly and I started MMB there 4 years ago. The first months of publication were shy, we wanted to share a lot of things but we did not know how to manage it. And then we started making videos in order to show more about our business but also to reveal a little more of our personality. What a great idea we had there! It is thanks to one of these videos named Sweet Little Ritz Girl  that started it all. In this video, I am on stage for nearly 10 minutes (yes, at the time we did not know to do short) ... Oh I will not ask you to watch this 10 minutes video , as my little secret is not in the video itself, but rather in the comments left at the end of the post ... Look at it more closely, and you read down the page few lines  written by JB, which took the time to watch the 10-minute  ... Some lines that fanned my curiosity at 9:30 in the morning ...  I will let you see, and you'll understand why after this comment, I took very quickly decision to get more information about the nice gentleman (yes I was a  freshly single at the time so it did not take long). From this Moment with a capital M, my life ...  capsized ... The next night, I drank a glass of champagne with him ... Bam ... 6 months later his brother was drawing a ring for him to ask for my hand (girls, if you want an ultra-personalized ring, I can give you the number of his brother) ... boom ... a year after we were married ... You know the rest of the story ? A beautiful baby Léa came right after ... The second greatest happiness of my life ...   princesse & jb bague You do not believe it? Neither do I. I sometimes find it hard to believe ... It's been so cheesy, right? Of course JB did not land on our blog by coincidence, a little angel matchmaker had been there for him shown the right path ... And I can not thank my friend Maeva for giving him the good idea to go check it out. A blog it's really convenient, isn't? ah aha ah .... Needless to say that my delicious JB is a fervant fan of MMB, became unbeatable in makeup ... I sometimes think it is his tribute to our blog and our love story !!! I confess to being blessed by the Gods to share my life today with a fabulous man who understands my job and my passion for makeup ... At the same time, I am intimately convinced that in life, nothing happens by chance ... it's more than 15 years I've been doing this job with ups and downs, of course, as in all artistic fields, I'm not going to hide it ... But I did not give up and now I say yes! Shit! it was worth it! I take this very confidential post to introduce you to our new category My Beauty Mood ... A  "catch all"  category to write about various subjects (expo, photos, art ...) but also share our small moods of the moment like today ... The subject being launched, if you also want to reveal us a little secret or just tell us a nice little thing, then you are super welcome to tell us about  your story  in our  dedicated area to the cutest lovely comments ... hihi ... LOVE. j&b
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