Makeup Nude #2

Opus two fo my  in my Nude series ...

This time, I 've found three treasures for you :

❤ First treasure

this is THE blush every girl  dream about it , because it makes fresh little cheeks!

I named : blush crème nude velvet by Bourjois .

Super easy to apply with the finger and just tapped  the cheek to add a veil of freshness on the face.

I love the effect, do not you?

Notice my half smile a little silly on the photo ... it is exactly the face you must do to apply the blush when you want a healthy glow !

It brings out the cheekbones and it helps to put the color at the right place .


❤ Second treasure

Eyeshadows palette  all about shadow  Neutral Territory 2 by  Clinic ... Attention is  a limited edition on sale since January , so if you want to buy it this now !

It is perfect ... I do not also understand why this is a limited edition ...

The hues from light beige to dark chocolate goes to everyone and all skin colors ... Even with two left hands, you can get a great finish!


❤ Third treasure

The new shades of Bourjois Vernis Nude coming out in May ... Easy to wear , easy to apply.

Among these new colors:

- Nail polish # 11 must have , a chic beige sand (this is also the one I'm wearing )

- The No. 12 chocolada Pina , a gourmet brown.

- And No. 14 Pamplerousse , faded coral.


I hope you love my new selection of nude  and I tell you very soon for the next opus !

On this occasion, there will also perhaps a special guest ;) ... hi hi hi ... stay connected !

Good day girls!

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