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Incredible, awesome, fantastic and I’ll stop here because I could go on and on and write full pages of “I love you Max & Me” and you’d think I get paid for that!!! Yet, God knows how I didn’t really believe in green cosmetics, but I decided to give the product a try. You could even be alarmed to see me going all ultra-liberal, except I don’t have hairs on my legs but blushed cheeks. Rest assured, I’m not ready to lock myself on trees for a good cause. I’m way too snobbish and I’d rather sip on some detox juice, comfortably chilling in a trendy dive bar, meditating on all the good I’m doing the planet by consuming clean… Tanja and Max, founders of Max & Me, are perched up high on Mont kindness. From their empathy, sensitivity and respect comes, as a result, an absolutely fabulous skincare line, which takes care of the whole you. These two don’t take cosmetology lightly, they went very, very far into their path, all that for the love of your skin. After picking the raw material grown in their garden guarded by fairies (that’s why it works), the treatments are made in the basement of their house by singing mantras, in order to breathe magic and positive vibes into them (that’s also why it works). Here, we respect the season rhythm, the plants are picked at the hours of the day where they are willing to give their best nectar. And when the garden doesn’t give the ideal substance, Tanja and Max go through the world to find the best ingredients. They make sure the material is being treated with respect and they only supply if the company staff supplying them is treated with great consideration. Obviously, everything is super green, the most strict organic labels don’t reach their level of demand, to give you an example: even the furniture glue was especially created in order to be clean and not disturb the chakras of this Max & Me happy team. Personally, I’m appalled by the results of these products, it’s often hard to evaluate their efficiency when you don’t really have major skin issues, but I actually saw my skin change and I’m not the only one. It is so fresh and silky that I no longer wear foundation right now, just some concealer, a lot of blush and tons of mascara and I’m all made-up!!! Your skin tone gets velvety and luminous, your skin gets soft as silk, it reflects light, and products glide onto your skin… “Max & Me” is definitely the best discovery of the year with Lodesse and C.LAVIE. So, let’s start with the "Purity & Grace" oil make-up remover, because nice skin knows the secret of a nice make-up removal: It suits any skin type - it cleans, purifies, and rebalances the epidermis. It frees your skin of any impurities, toxins, pollutants and stimulates the auto-repair innate abilities of the latter. Warm up the oil in your hand, breathe in the relaxing velvetiness of its essences, gently rub in circular motions, then add a little water to fluidize and rinse. Renew the operation if you like double make-up removals. This oil can also remove eye make-up, but I personally prefer to use a specific remover. I recommend using the mousseline, which is ideal to make the removal perfect and remove any traces of oil. It is, of course, made of organic flax, impregnated with Iceland seaweed and eucalyptus fiber that have a light scrubbing action on the skin.   Then you moisturize your sin, Max & Me offers two oils: “Enchanted” and “I am the light”, I personally use the first on in the evening and the second one in the morning. However, you can use one or the other according to the needs of your skin. "Enchanted " acts on moisturizing, repairs and nourishes, that’s why I like applying it nightly. It attenuates wrinkles and fine lines, it has an antioxidant capacity, repairs dilated capillary vessels, deeply hydrates and nourishes the areas of the skin that need it. It’s a global oil that regenerates and repairs the epidermis. Warm up the oil in your hand, smell its delicate perfume and gently scrub onto your whole face, eye contour and neck. Daily, a few drops of  "I am the light" to illuminate and protect my skin. This oil acts on imperfections and glow, and trust me it works, light and tone balance are assured. You will look like you swallowed a light bulb and that light is infusing your skin from inside. It softens the epidermis, it’s like velvet, so it’s perfect for makeup. Be careful, you need to let the oil penetrate before applying foundation and concealer, otherwise your makeup will disappear into the oil. And if all that mantra, chakra, positive energy, fairies and universe connection folklore doesn’t move you, just remember that this skincare line is terribly efficient, that it is made with a lot of love and kindness? This holistic approach of cosmetics smoothly resonates on our epidermis, which gets full of nice vibes and reflects a healthy complexion.

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