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  My mom is the prettiest moms, and especially the most beautiful grandma! My mom is 70 + + + + + + + years ... Count the +and you will know her true age … And this step she will kill me, because she does not like to admit her age ;) ... Besides, she does not like that her grandchildren call her "Grandma " but she prefers to be called " Mina ", she feel younger and it is a corsican name;). So special dedication to "Mina" today ... Great Mina for three weeks stayed in our 56 m2 between diapers  and bottles and helped me take care of my little Lea so I can go back to work . Many thanks mom Mina, without you I probably would have done a burn out so I am overwhelmed ... Mina get back to her home in the south last tuesday, but before she is leaving , I wanted her to test new products : ★ The new shade Medium BB cream Kiehl's. Last year two colors came out the Claire and Natural Light shade. Kiehl's launches two new colors: the Medium and Medium Dark , for the most golden skins ( soon available on site). ★ The Soin Illuminateur Anti-Age Yeux CC de Stri Vectin  that instantly brightens the complexion and blurs imperfections. ★ Baume à Lèvres CC Stri Vectin couleur Prune that blurs the lines, fed and enhances natural lip color . Because yes ! Stri Vectin launched a beautiful range of CC products designed to correct, protect and improve the texture of the skin , eyes and lips ... A range halfway between the skincare and makeup , not to be missed ! ★ And finally on the cheeks, I applied the blush LOVE Rose thé NARS Limited Edition . . Added to these new products, I also used on Mina : corrector concealer # 3 Armani transparent loose powder Shiseido eyeliner brown Laura Mercier and black mascara volume Chanel. . For my part, I applied : ★ The soin Visage Revitalisant Anti-Age CC Stri Vectin, , which illuminates and evens the complexion , reduces wrinkles, reduces the appearance of pores, softens the texture of the skin , moisturizes and protects against UV rays. ★ The Soin Illuminateur Anti-Age Yeux CC Stri Vectin. ★ The Baume à Lèvres CC Stri Vectin couleur Rose. ★ The blush FINAL CUT Corail Pêche NARS in limited edition.
also :
Phyto concealer No.1 Sysley transparent loose powder Shiseido and black mascara volume Chanel.
Needless to say that Mina left delighted with all her new products that she can use easily to reveal her beauty everyday ... As for me , I want to be as beautiful as her, at her age with as little makeup  as her;) Have a nice grand mother day my darling Mina and Happy grand mother day to all ! We love you Grannies  ! !
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