Mirror eyes

It all started when we received the mirror liners  by Dior ... We were crazy about it with Nelly who said to me: "They would suit you those  liners you!" I was almost flattered and imagined already wear these patches with a nice graphic and sleek look ... And that's when I discovered the wonderful gloves Thomasine  that comes immediately the idea of combining the two. I then asked Benjamin to shoot me in a very simple staging to just highlight liners and gloves ... After enjoying a few good glasses of wine (well what, it's christmas time;)), we started to work and it gave this beautiful photo where I can not recognize myself ! I feel like a fantastic character straight out of a SCIFI movie ... It's like it was me in a dream world! thomasine.dior For those who want a "Blade Runner" look for the holidays, rush to Dior for mirror liners. FYI, I preferred not to stick patches liner too close to the lashes it is more comfortable ... and as they are sufficient in themselves, I have associated with a nude color, a touch of  mascara Extase and gloss Gold Rain.. And for all those who dream of couture gloves for Christmas, I recommande you to check on the wonderful Thomasine creations represented by The Partners In Crime... Real gems that adorn the simplest outfits! ... I will go back down to my planet (I almost said "coconut tree" but it is less appropriate) to return to my little real world and much less smooth ... Diapers, baby food, shaggy hair in the morning ... Have a good week ! thomasine  
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